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Everyone who owns a smart phone browses the web every now and again and finding the right web browser for you can be tough. There are a lot of options and ea…

25 Responses to “11 Best Android Browsers of 2013”

  • Android Authority says:

    *The best Android browsers*
    It can be tough finding the perfect browser for you. Each one is different
    with a specific set of features so we put together a list of the best
    Android browsers to help you choose the best one for you. You can watch the
    video below or read about it here:

    By +Joseph Hindy 

  • Shubham Gupta says:


  • Boby Gandhi says:

    who needs the browser, most things are done much better using apps(weather,
    news, social networking ect.), and the rare need for info thats not in apps
    can just be managed through the stock one(the 1 that comes with the phone).
    i dont see anything wrong my my S4′s browser-not that i ever use it

  • Artur Mendes says:

    UC Browser for me! both smartphone and tablet versions!

  • JaySee5 says:

    First thing I did after rooting my phone was uninstall Chrome. I use
    Dolphin as my primary browser, Firefox as my backup for anything Dolphin
    has problems with or Firefox does better, and then the LG browser for

  • Jalok Xlem says:

    My browsers:
    Primary: Firefox – Because you can put awesome add-ons
    Secondary: Sleipnir – Has better gesture features, and ment to save bunches
    of tabs.

  • larryshere says:

    I’m using the google Chrome BETA edition, compressing each website down
    with the Google servers allowing for quicker access to the internet and
    also lower data usage.

  • Ahmed Saanee says:

    Get rid of the annoying background music. Seriously pushes every single
    piece of shit in me out of myself…

  • Iksperial says:

    Android browsing sucks–

  • Ralph Miranda says:

    Nice browser… hey, nice browser, man! Really nice browser there, man…
    browser browser Malkovich Malkovich…

    The ‘companion’ page is just as useless(ful?).

  • HeyBigode says:

    Dolphin all the way

  • Gustavo Taroty says:

    I like!

  • sean nice says:

    did they make him get a haircut lol

  • booshido says:

    Currently using chrome as primary on at&t s4 with kit kat but noticed that
    after the update I cant download anything from any sites anymore. Having to
    copy link addy to opera or adm. Anyone else having this problem? 

  • ladyvee7110 says:

    I like Boat Browser.

  • KushPizzaSleep says:

    boat is pretty ugly but man is it fast!

  • Zach Papadopoulos says:

    Chrome is number one obviously and then Firefox and dolphin and opera

  • mrwb87leb says:

    Damn so if they’re all good, which one do I pick? Help me decide? lol

  • cesar jimenez says:

    Why not get them all.

  • an doan says:

    Chrome is bad. It no have flash. Firefox not smooth.

  • Don't Trust Me says:

    Opera (not mini) and firefox, i use opera for saving my data and firefox
    for full browser experience.

    chrome sucks!

  • Dennis Fluttershy says:

    I used Chrome a lot before, but with every update, it got slower, jerkier
    and to the point of not usable. It drains the battery quickly when
    writing/editing text and similar (which I do sometimes).
    I’m using the stock browser which I still have since the launch of *Galaxy
    Nexus* but has been removed from later versions =( (going to install it if
    I get a new phone)
    Text-edit is very very buggy in the built-in one (unless you just write and
    never edit), but it’s quick and fast, and works.

    Someone else experiencing the same thing?

  • Stephen Butler says:

    I used to use different browser’s like dolphin, I used to play around with
    replacing a lot of stock apps actually. Lately though I think androids at
    the point where I’m happy to use what comes on my phone (nexus 5 with

  • Switchblade Killingsworth says:

    I still can’t figure out how to copy and paste in Chrome.

  • Papinguim says:

    I’m looking for a browser that has flash support amd swipe gestures. I
    currently use Dolphin, and while it looks nice, gestures on it are
    completely useless. I like the bookmark shortcut, the fact that it has
    actual tabs, and it’s flash support, but I wish I could just swipe away to
    close tabs or tap with three fingers (like Mercury) to close tabs. And yes,
    I have tried Mercury (love its gestures) but I wish the address bar was
    more like Chrome and Dolphin by bringing up websites, not Google search
    results. I also wish it had actual tabs. 

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