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Top 10 APPS 1. Galaxy Light 0:20 2. Action Launcher Pro 0:37 https://pla…

24 Responses to “#214 Best Apps of The Week – Top 10 – Free Floating Galaxy – ThaCooLoser v2.5”

  • CaptainJackDaniels says:

    new angle is cool.

  • rudolfk6 says:

    Action Launcher Pro link doesnt work…. :(

  • 7duke77 says:

    Been using Action Launcher Pro for a few months on my “old” Galaxy S2 E4gT and it is by far the best launcher out there right now (IMHO anyway). It keeps getting better and better since the developer is quite active with it so if you’re on the fence about buying it I highly recommend it and doubt you’ll regret it. Be sure to take the time to learn all the new features, they’re all really useful but can be frustrating at first so stick with it. (no I don’t work for them, just love it, lol)

  • jmleon92 says:

    the free movies app has already been removed :(

  • CooLoserTech says:

    by not adding them it saved me up to 20 mins. But If it makes my videos that much better and cooler then I shall bring it back, It just takes around 3-5 hours to make just one video and i try to cut back for faster results, but hey i may just bring it back in the next few segments, instead of seeing the little graph of downloads maybe add the QR code there! =]

  • CooLoserTech says:

    its fixed =D

  • CooLoserTech says:


  • CooLoserTech says:

    I already reviewed it like a few months ago and still use it today =]

  • CooLoserTech says:

    i’m not sure if its downloadable, it came with touchwiz =/

  • CooLoserTech says:

    secret =P

  • CooLoserTech says:

    I think I shall soon

  • rudolfk6 says:

    wow sweet! that was a fast reply!

    dude…i watch all your videos and they are great, i dont comment much, but i just wanted you to know that i do watch them! well…i watch most of them :P
    i like the new angle of the camera, i hope you stick with that!
    i wont unsubscribe coz you are trying to do your best for us, and i respect that! ;)

  • Daniel Oseida says:

    First thing I noticed was my wallpaper! Haha the same one. Sweet. GS4 ;)

  • gloryvega95 says:

    I don’t think the floating notifications is currently the play store. Can’t seem to find it

  • Luis Robles says:

    Yeah I LIKE the new angle.

  • Ma. Guia says:

    Do you have any other app similar to the floating notifications? Cuz its not compatible with my samsung galaxy w :(

  • Nikolay Stoykov says:

    Why cant I open Googlekeyboard? I cant find it in GooglePlay too :( … whats wrong?

  • Gunther van Molendorff says:

    The reason you can’t find Google keyboard in the play store is cause its not available in your country ;/

    If you want to get it simply search for the apk and install that ;)

  • xDaniel55 says:

    Hey CooLooserTech, how i see you have AppMgr (same like App2SD), and do you use it to send apps to the sd? ’cause i have the Note II, but with Android 4.x you actually cannot use it so far I know or it doesn’t work at me? Can you help me?

  • Becker Riyadh says:

    Hi CLT
    I know its very easy to make video and the camera not in front of you. But please go back to the old way. By the way you got fans in Iraq and I am one of them

  • Shailinder Dangwal says:

    I am a big fan of you. Keep doing the good work. But today I have a complaint to make. Most of the links you mentioned are not opening up. Please fix them.


  • sronsr says:

    why can’t I find none of these apps? even if I hit the links in the description I’m getting “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”

  • CooLoserTech says:

    It’s not me, I’ve changed the App links 3 times already in #214 & people are still finding them not to work. YouTube is F-ing up I tell you

  • 1337jo1337 says:

    you live with yours parents? ;p

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