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You can personalize your Android phone as per your taste. This video shows the 5 best android phone themes or Icon Packs. This would radically change / impro…

16 Responses to “5 Best Icon Packs / Themes for Android Phones – How to Enhance the look of Android as per your taste”

  • SargeantGhost1812 says:

    Hi,can you do a video review of iPad 4 asphalt 8 and iPhone 5s asphalt 8 I
    really appreciated

  • TechCloud says:


  • TechCloud says:

    I have uploaded the video that you have requested for. Check it out.

  • velvetMXO says:

    good stuff. don’t know why anyone would down vote

  • TechCloud says:

    Thanks for the appreciation. I also do not understand but now I do not care
    about the down votes anymore as they just simply want to discourage me but
    I now have good people like you on my channel who appreciate the good stuff
    so I don’t mind few bad guys :-) . Some people just hate me for some reason
    which is only known to them.

  • TechCloud says:

    There are 3-4 guys who would just down vote anything as soon as I put up a
    video even without watching the contents inside. Don’t know the reason or
    probably I might have pissed them off buy simple saying something bad about
    a device they own so people get irritated very easily. The down vote to
    reduce the rating of video so that it would fall below in searches and I
    get discourage. I do not care about them as long as good people on my
    channel appreciate the good stuff and up vote it.

  • velvetMXO says:

    one word Envy. Keep it up since I find nothing biased about the video.

  • TechCloud says:

    Thanks once again.

  • Chris Vogel says:

    Simplicity (adw apex nova)

  • TechCloud says:

    Do you want me to make a video about simplicity icon pack or you are just
    recommending that this is a better icon pack?

  • Chris Vogel says:

    Ya make a video about it. It’s my favorite new pack

  • Pikapikachunigga says:

    Nice video.

  • TechCloud says:

    Thanks. I am glad that you have liked it. Please do not forget to press the
    like button :-)

  • mohammad lal says:

    I really like those icon packs thanks

  • mikeyb123Elite says:

    I recommend you Ando icon pack

  • ryan brons says:

    i Like Your Videos , :D

    +1 Like

    (Im Already a Subscriber) 

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