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In this video i review 5 different android applications that are free from the android market place. The applications in this video are: twitter Carrom 3D De…

25 Responses to “5 cool Android Applications ep 1”

  • mad hatter says:

    clip youre nails… thats gross.

  • kane1091 says:

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  • salil bajaj says:—-watch this!!

  • Jasvir Kaur says:


  • DragonPotatoes says:

    Twitter is gay.

  • Bami ace says:

    where did you get this weather application please answar

  • GamingGhoster says:

    It is on HTC phones

  • Theclayface32 says:

    He sounds sooooo happy!

  • dublinboy32 says:

    your talking tom app looks diff 2 any1 iv seen b4 its way better

  • Alfred sparkle says:

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  • ariona4314 says:

    Twitter is NOT gay

  • ariona4314 says:

    Nvm I take it back

  • luan10288 says:


  • vincentmena99 says:

    Everyone knows this.

  • TheThegamer753 says:

    whats your weather app?the widget is cool..

  • Ryan Simpson says:

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  • Tionna Ferguson says:

    ur mr.leath

  • 555thefreddo says:

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  • jacobnelson376 says:

    Are you Spanish

  • abeamer69 says:

    Lmfao he has Friday after next that’s a good movie

  • karottuj1 says:

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  • Wifiher Mastaa says:

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  • fabio duarte says:

  • fabio duarte says:

  • sunhine2426 says:

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