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25 Responses to “AMA: What’s the best Android phone experience for you?”

  • Chris Eldridge says:

    You’re welcome Chris. :D

  • Chris Eldridge says:

    Creeper Week. WOO!

  • George Barrett says:

    On my Computer Science course, there are 150-200 people enrolled, and less
    than 10 are female. I really hope that’s a trend that buckles in the

  • Thunder7ga (David Clark) says:

    Thanks for taking me question. I feel similar to you, that I like the pure
    Android experience. I have the Nexus 7 (2013) now, and really like it.
    Which has me seriously thinking about the Nexus 5. But the new toys on
    the block (S5 and One M8) are enticing, but not sure I want to deal with
    the TouchWiz overlay.

  • Vlog Montana says:

    This broadcast just sold you 2 VloggerFair tickets.

  • GeeksRus says:

    I couldn’t agree more Chris you hit the nail on the head when u said screw
    what society expects us to be.

  • Nestor Estrada says:

    haha.. You basically just told us fathers what your going to have.
    Especially when you said that the doctor said that things can change. So
    for now its a girl… 

  • Travis Kraft says:

    Love your live streams, Chris.
    I have been live streaming a lot on youtube lately and it is really fun.

  • Saras Gabbery says:

    When you talking about Restriction, what you are referring to more broadly
    is the notion of the Other.

    The Other has been the root of all Oppression; it is destructive to a
    cohesive Society.

    I’m a female transsexual, I have had roles imposed on me, and imposed roles
    on myself. It is Liberating to break free from those roles, but tough,
    because it is woven into the fabric of who you are. Meaning, you have to
    intentionally make changes.

  • Joe Tashji says:


  • Kippi Roo says:

    Chris I got two interviews!!!!!! So I might be employed soon so I can
    become a patron!!!! :D :D xx

  • Ben Tarr says:

    I wonder what it would be like to not be a geek… To be someone who
    wouldn’t know the difference between Android and Tizen. I’d love to know
    what that’s like.


    Thanks for answering my question I personally think they being Samsung are
    going the whole apple route with the whole ecosystem controlling different
    aspects of your daily life. 

  • quotidianlight says:

    It’s got to be a girl. 

  • Margaret Johnston says:

    Thanks for mentioning BitTorrent Sync, Chris… I never would’ve found it
    otherwise! :) 

  • Jordan Maloney says:

    I think the babes gender is either Boy or Girl

  • MelonOnTheMoon says:

    +Chris Pirillo on the flash drive topic, they are still essential if you
    are in school to bring work in for your teachers.

  • Allismagic1 - Technology is fun says:

    Ya wil wait for google play edition for galaxy S5

  • david bass says:

    For those that have not seen the S5 uncensored review, it boils done to
    this it is a fast chip great screen clarity, but no real wow factor. That
    dos not make it bad. In fact I use all three eco systems I sending this
    comment on my samsung note 10 yes touch wiz and all. I use Ios I pad 3rd
    gen, and more recently I use the surface 2 pro a lot. All three offer the
    same thing more ways to do the same thing. I use all three because I guess
    iam a super geek. Wich is why chris and diana youtube vlogs are great they
    show us geeks as real people with families, wifes girl frieds ect. Plus
    with youtube and the cloud it is tv, info mation, when we want. As to the
    person who did not like the cloud the cloud is our back up is what chris
    was saying not putting all your personal information in the cloud lol this
    comment is to long +1chris pirillo +1 diana pirillo with the baby.

  • Allismagic1 - Technology is fun says:

    What if your child does not grew up liking liking Star wars or Star Trek?
    Will you be sad?

  • craig penfod says:

    my next phone is going to be a windows phone because most of the stuf i use
    is from microft, xbox, windows 8.1, ETC

  • M Kaye says:

    Well stated Chris about your thought on gender roles. Screw society most
    definitely with their what when, where, why, and how. Imposing rules and
    regulations upon a developing mind is a definite detriment toward healthy
    progression of a young mind, and letting a child develop to be who they
    want to be. I hope you keep steadfast to this thought process.

  • Lougan Son says:

    Its a girl

  • Mark Garratt says:

    I really like the whole idea of the lockerknome website being a place to
    discover new geeky stuff and products. Sounds like a good idea!

  • Jawad Tarraf says:

    I love your channel no one on YouTube provides content for the regular

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