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Ask the Buffalo: Android Lag and Best Phone of 2014 Join the club: Jon R is back to tackle more questions and qu…

25 Responses to “Android Lag and Best Phone of 2014”

  • Cole Tindal says:

    In a good way! *awkward pause*

  • James Lowery says:

    I watched the ad and I’m about it bout it lol

  • adir mugrabi says:

    do you think that the galaxy s4 active will get custom roms?
    i really want it, but i fear all the developers will go to the regular s4.

  • Johnny Peralta says:

    Here is my opinion on a 5 inch iphone…I would hate it…and most people
    who love their iPhones would most likely hate it to! I hate phablet size it
    fits in my hand and I can use it but it’s just not “stick it in your
    pocket” portable you know? I don’t want a bigger iphone and if they do they
    better have either a smaller version, or a size that feels like I’m not
    holding an iPad mini….but that is just me anyways

  • Matthew Danahy says:

    why is there a revision3 logo at the top right? its techno buffalo

  • toomuchgame441 says:

    Terrible mic…

  • IPPredators says:

    Even when Android did lag, I would take it over iOS’s closed OS anyday.
    Android has so many phones to choose from. Apple only has a tiny display. I
    need a display over 5.3″ to be happy.

  • glusur76 says:

    I wanna meet the staff

  • Adrian D. says:

    Nexus 5 and nexus 7 2013 are insanely smooth. 

  • Fadil Karim says:

    Do a meet and greet!!! I’m not too far from Irvine!!!

  • JuanCanahui says:

    That’s just a lie. Modern phones, even the GS3/4 still get lag. At least,
    compared with WP/iOS.

  • Sam Barrett says:

    I am using a nexus 5 with nova launcher and I get zero lag. The only reason
    I watch phone reveal events is to see of the rumours were true witch they
    always are. 

  • thompsoon3 says:

    “(dollar)shaveclub” cost 4 dollars in Australia switch it to the US site
    and it’s $1 what gives? -_-

  • tech4life0431 says:

    I can’t agree that all android phones are free of lag, take the S4 for
    example. But if you have a nexus phone or another one with a light, well
    optimised skin then you really shouldn’t have any issues. I have a Z1 and I
    can tell you that it’s a smooth experience throughout.

  • z4520ft says:

    Android by itself doesn’t lag but then I still feels the need to upgrade
    every year since most new apps updated to cater the needs of people with
    brand new flagship phone and upgraded specs. 0.0% lag happen only when I
    buy the current flagship or top mid range offering, can’t say the same for
    1 year later.

  • ManlyBurp says:

    Zero lag? ZERO?? Come on man.. Looks to me like you’re trying to avoid
    being attacked by the fanboys.

    No impartiality = No credibility

  • Nick A. says:

    It would be awesome if you guys did a meetup in New York City. Would be
    great meeting up with other techies!

  • japzone says:

    My Nexus 5 doesn’t even lag when I underclock it. It might be a bit groggy
    when I wake it up since I put it’s minimum speed really low to save
    battery, but after waking up its nice and speedy. Your phone will slow down
    if you don’t have much free space left, but every computer is like
    that(temp files need to go somewhere). Got 100+ apps installed and still
    going strong. 

  • Tyler Juranovich says:

    Dollar Shave Club is actually really awesome. Sign up if you want to save
    money shaving. 

  • Jeffrey Silcock says:

    meet up!

  • Johan Börjesson says:

    No lag on my Nexus 5, just as fluid as an iPhone and finger input response
    is awesome.

  • TechnoBuffalo says:

    *Ask the Buffalo*: Android Lag and Best Phone of 2014

  • Mateus Mate says:

    2:04 “android is faster than anything out there” unsub* (I know nobody

  • BIG1TOWER says:

    A 5.5 inch iPhone would be nice,come on apple 4inch is too small

  • taz874 says:

    android doesnt lag anymore and please dont bring in samsung cuz samsung
    devices have samsungs own touchwiz ui over stock android and a bunch of
    extra features which adds lag thats y samsung devices may experience lag.
    and if ur gonna start talking bout the budget level phones then dont bother
    cuz there cheap for a reason-low specs obvs but top end device such as
    nexus 5 htc one have no lag. obviously it gets slower over time but so does
    everyphone even ios isnt perfect like manu of u think. android did have
    lags like mainly b4 android 4.0 but dont bring phones like galaxy ace into
    the argument they have crappy specs
    tbf everyphone will have a lag once in a while even ios no os in the world
    is 100% perfect. i had a galaxy s3 and i didnt see much lag maybe abit at
    times due to samsungs touchwiz ui and there extra features but i also once
    had a nexus 4 for around 3-4 months and never noticed any lag.

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