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So here’s the deal. I don’t use my cell phone a whole lot but it is my only phone and I do need one. The other week I lost my basic cell phone and needed to …

25 Responses to “Android phone on the CHEAP!”

  • Jacob Smith says:

    Android 3.2 is only for tablets, the newest android version for phones is android 2.3. The upcoming “Ice Cream Sandwich” version will run on both tablets and phones, however.

  • STONEYKAT1 says:

    I have the samsung galxey s 4g for free 4g is super fast it has 2.2 aswell.I have to upgrade to gingerbread

  • MN12BIRD says:

    Yeah the Galaxy S is a great phone. Everyone I work with has one. LOL seriously all 3 of them have that phone and my bosses son has the new Galaxy II S with the dual core and bigger screen. That phone is really nice but in some ways we like the Galaxy better since it’s a little smaller to hold.

  • Dimitris Karakinaris says:

    U can update it to Android 2.3 Official! !!!

  • MicDizzle2 says:

    This is an awesome phone,maybe the best mid-range Android phone

  • adnanikui1 says:

    Great review,i understand all new technology,but for beginers or older people who didnt had phone before or are just getting in android,i recomend this review! nice work :)

  • Ivan Simpson says:

    Are you going to install original Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons on this phone?

  • MN12BIRD says:

    Already did sometimes they run a little slow though but usually okay to play. Without overclocking anyway that might help but I haven’t bothered.

  • RejectedManiac says:

    Can you add all of your favorite free apps as well through USB and through the web?

  • MN12BIRD says:

    There are some programs you can download on your PC from the web and install through USB.

  • jomanimo24 says:

    i have a question, is it worth it? i’m interested. i think im gonna buy one

  • MN12BIRD says:

    Yeah, it works fine for what it is but don’t expect to play any high end games (or even some lower end ones), most emulators and some other bigger apps are slow. For basic new, wiki, mp3, GPS works fine and making phone calls it’s great, gets good reception but the other downside is the smaller non-capacatince (cheaper style) touch screen is a little hard to text on compared to the higher end phones with bigger and more accurate screens.

  • jomanimo24 says:

    oh ok. its cause im tired of my samsung corby

  • lordmace2001 says:

    The screen is a capacitive touch screen plastic screen does not always mean resistive touch screen.

  • TheOutsider04 says:

    But will it run Minecraft? :P

  • Anas Malas says:

    this is my phone from about 3 months and only now i realized some of its features

  • chiesarahah says:

    It’s cheap but you can’t run big games!!! but $150 I choose my 3310c :D $25 :|

  • Epickmon says:

    Dude you have an RX7? AWESOMEEE

  • yugioh seller says:

    Message me

  • MrGGMM123 says:

    i think im gonna get the lg p690 or the p968 dualsim ( optimus net )

  • Reyjay Villanueva says:

    I like your voice :) 

  • rudeboyfull1 says:

    Lg l5 cheaper xD

  • Emma Smith says:

    Lg optimus l3 is alpt better!!??

  • iDazz1e says:

    Try Sony xperia tipo great price good looking and android 4.0

  • MN12BIRD says:

    I had a feeling you might be from the UK. Sony phones seem to be more common over there. Here they are very scarce almost no one has them. But since this I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy SII X (1.5GHz Dual Core, 4.5″ SuperAMOLED screen, 8MP camera etc) that was a very good deal here in Canada. $200 straight up for the phone (no contract) I couldn’t beat that.

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