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Article: There are a lot of mixed opinions out there about antivirus (or anti-malware) apps on …

25 Responses to “Antivirus On Android: Do You Really Need It?”

  • TheMonkeyFarted says:

    The only good thing I think would be useful is the phone tracking because no one wants to lose their phone no matter who bad it is.

  • Robloxian1249 says:

    avg does have the ad thing though but i think tracking and lock is useful

  • adig54 says:

    Samsung Dive does most of that. Most other manufacturers like Apple, HTC and Sony have it as well.

  • Onedspot9 says:

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  • Rodney Jones says:

    You cant be to careful when you are accessing your credit card through your phone. Pays to have that extra protection to spot malicious apps sooner.

  • Priyantha Meemeduma says:

    I have just opened a gmail account in my smartphone – same as my computer- forgetting that smartphones are not protected. Can my galaxy phone get a virus because of this. Please answer.

  • Noah Bisaga says:

    Well Google has built in security all over there device/email. So unless you open or download the apps that are spammed to you, you will be absolutely fine.

  • Noah Bisaga says:

    Avast is a great app for both PC and Android. It’s official statistics do show that it over powers Norton and its free. :)

  • John Townsand says:

    a vast! Like what pirates say…Avast ye, hearty! Just wanted to let you know :) Great vids.

  • toejorodgers says:

    Thanks fir the help

  • jokamutta says:

    So you can only track your phone and do all those cool stuff, but do u have to install Avast on ur PC ?

  • jameshowell200040 says:

    Just use 4shared to get gphone pro for free but get avg free thn del avg free after but jeep gphone pro

  • Waseem Belushi says:

    Can he share us some light as how many times android hangs?

  • JohnboySK64 says:

    1:50 we didnt ask for the weather ;)

  • JohnboySK64 says:

    no, your pc is windows i presume? and your phone is android, its the equivalent of throwing a chinaman into the middle of a brazilian supermarket. that works on a few levels lol my point is that the chinaman was never meant to be able to ‘flourish’ in a brazilian supermarket and he wouldnt mainly because the language barrier but also the cultural difference, your phone would be alien to the virus.

  • SkaterMonster says:

    Tell me. If someone stoles my phone. Takes my sim card out, breaks it. How the f*748ck I suppose to send SMS to my phone so I could get gps location and ETC.. ???

  • Kenji Umino says:

    there are antivirus apps that also offer theft protection features like send you a notification SMS to another pre-defined phone number (like your partners/brothers/buddys phone) telling you that the sim card has been changed and what the new number is. in addition you might be able to send command-code SMS to your stolen phone that makes it like sound off a siren tone or activate GPS tracking and send you back its coordinates every X minutes so you can chase after it or something.

  • OCxFinesx559 says:

    Clean gud lookin out

  • Kenhal Sajili says:

    you just mentioned you dont have an antivirus but you actually have avast!security system hahaha lol

  • Anthony Garcia says:

    Try TrustGo is the best app better then others apps that charge you money this app is way better doesn’t charge you money if your phone gets lost or stolen it located in the map try it you won’t be disappointed

  • K3V1NG1994 says:

    Yeah but he doesn’t use it for the antivirus protection… he uses it incase he loses his phone.

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  • Jason Molek says:

    Yeah, the AV I have has a finding feature in it, but it kept on blocking all my roots and hacks for games etc. So I just turned off the AV part of it, but left the backup and the tracking features on.

  • eganzale says:

    What if your using Aptoide to download all your black market apps?

  • Pablo Torres says:

    I likevyour video but I believe you are mistaken when you ssy Google tests all apps. I understand from other sources they don’t, unlike Apple store.

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