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Download Links Below!!! AndroidLifeStyle bringing you the second Top New Apps of 2013! Part 2. Subscribe to the ever growing channel! You wouldn’t want to mi…

24 Responses to “Best 10 Android Apps 2013 – Best of the Week #2 Part 2 – AndroidLifeStyle”

  • Zaiful Khan says:

    1st !! hai

  • Zaiful Khan says:

    reply for no reason !! ehehhee

  • AndroidLifeStyle says:

    Part 1 is uploading (: If your looking to snag the lead once again! I couldn’t upload as a whole the video was to long.

  • Julian Brewski says:

    Good video but a little tip try to turn the volume of some games down so you don’t have to yell and the music is kinda annoying, just a little constructive criticism

  • AndroidLifeStyle says:

    Love it! The more criticism the better! Ill make note of it (: I wouldn’t of noticed that it was extremely over powering because I edited with headphones. I really appreciate it!

  • dezmond roman says:

    What program did you use to create that intro?

  • bold berd says:

    Very god thank you Version mutch bro

  • AndroidLifeStyle says:

    No problem! Glad to be of help! (: Ready to leave a mark on the Android review scene.

  • Anelix09 says:

    Any recommendations for Galaxy Note 2? I’m switching from iPhone to Android after 3 years of living life in the dark and I’m technologically restless ha. Any way can you do a video for switching or recommendations?

  • Anelix09 says:

    So far I cant find a video for switching…

  • chazzybadazz says:

    @AndroidLifeStyle recommendations for the Samsung Stratosphere?

  • AndroidLifeStyle says:

    switching to part 1?

  • AndroidLifeStyle says:

    I have no hands on times with the device but the specs look great if your going with a full qwerty keyboard! Good display, full keyboard & 4G capabilities.. Battery life might be crippled with 4G though :/ Nothing extended batteries cant fix :P

  • stormthor1 says:

    Another great video

  • gomsoya3 says:

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  • PirateApp says:

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  • muzzyblanco says:

    Why would u wanna put it on ur sd card when u have alot of memory on the phone come on u get about 11gb smh

  • FromUnderTheBlanket says:

    Hey, guys! Look at this android app videp. JAKE from the ADVENTURE TIME dances GANGNAM STYLE in to the HARLEM SHAKE SOUNDTRACK!!! Awesome! I like this android app!

  • falkroy71 says:

    New subscriber here with a game recommendation for you. Pifall reminded me of a game a love, Diversions. Check it out, old game but high replay value. One.

  • carl johnson says:

    love the first game nice

  • carl johnson says:

    ur brightness is low i hate that

  • Dulce14u says:

    Can you note when it’s just games so I can skip viewing . I’m not a gamer. The only games I play are bejeweled, family feud and candy crush

  • Wally Walter says:

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  • fabio duarte says:

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