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Join Jayce as he talks about up and coming mobile OSs like Ubuntu, How To Clean inside your phone’s screen, and why content deals are not always internationa…

25 Responses to “Best Alternative Smartphone OS, How To Clean Inside a Phone Screen, and Choosing Your New Phone”

  • Vegard Løknes says:

    Hi Jayce,
    Why does all the high end phones use the Snapdragon 800?
    The Tegra 4 has the highest performing GPU in the market and the two only
    real shortcomings (that I happen to know about) that it seems to have are
    the lack of WiFi ac and the fact that it does not come with a mobile-data
    My point here is; we don’t need better CPUs nearly as much as we need
    better GPUs!
    Anyway, love your Q&A, Happy New Year from (the best country to live in
    according to the UN) Norway!

  • ShadowMagicians says:

    I’m to scared to try the screen disassemble, clean and assemble!! 

  • Magnum M says:

    Moto g for the first question

  • mixsignal91 says:

    The 2013s joke was legitimately funny

  • James H says:

    Ubuntu Mobile OS will fail.

  • Jaka Aria says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda where is your funny ending video, I love it.
    By the way, I hate development of technology today. Because it needs a
    superfast network like 4g or 5g. Is there are no way to enjoy technology
    without worrying about the network. You know, 4g is limited to some
    countries. I live in Borneo, Indonesia, in here, we even still not have a
    good 3g network.

  • Jayce Broda says:

    This is what I did with my New Years Eve. ;) 

  • Ruel Celerio says:

    Hey Jayce, maybe you can forward some words to the Google founders:
    hundreds of thousands of Android users of old phones no longer supported by
    OEMs are willing to sign up a contract with Google to convert their phones
    to stock Android just to be updated to Android 4.4 Kitkat. Honestly I
    believe this is true.

  • jaberjbaar says:

    I hate HTC one too.

  • Habeeb Khan says:

    Happy New 2014 man u rock

  • Android Authority says:

    *Android Q&A – New Episode*

    Join +Jayce Broda as he answers your questions. This week we discuss:
    - Best Alternative Smartphone OS,
    - How To Clean Inside a Phone Screen
    - Choosing Your New Phone


  • RecoilTheDancer says:

    Alt os not mentioned
    Open web os
    All arnt ported tp many but you can install them on certian devices

  • Pc Tony says:

    Are there any new leeds as to when 4.4 kit kat will be released for Samsung
    Galaxy S4? Thanks!

  • taha madara says:

    greqt intro

  • Denislav Shterev says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda i’m on a limited budget and i can’t afford the newest
    smartphones and i was wondering if i should go with last years Galaxy S3
    for my first smartphone ?

  • Yan Is says:

    Happy 2013s. Hahaha! I like that!

  • Óscar Caballero says:

    Hey Jayce, why does LTE have lots of bands with different numbers? What
    does it mean?

  • Hussein Alalawi says:

    Keep it up guys ! 

  • RusticKey says:

    Good day Jayce,I have a question.
    Why don’t all smartphones and tablets have front facing speakers? Does it
    have something to do with engineering problems or probably HTC patented
    front facing speakers?

  • Mario Felaco says:

    But you ARE american… And so am I. America is a whole continent (or two),
    not just the US.

  • Alex Hostettler says:

    I have nothing against android, but I personally prefer ios. I’m on my
    iphone 5.

  • Marcus Börjesson says:

    Should I get the nexus 5 now or wait for the samsung galaxy s5?

  • Linuxfreakify says:

    I’m Canadian too! Canada FTW!

  • Jacob Gale says:

    +Jayce Broda my s3 has gotten old and busted. I put cyanogen mod on it to
    make it faster thus fixing the software part but the hardware still has a
    lot of problems with the power button and the speaker not working as they
    should and it’s just annyoing!! .. Should i buy a new phone now or wait
    ’till the s5/new htc one come out? 

  • Devin Gray says:

    2013s nice one

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