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Best Android 4.4 Kitkat phones: Moto X, HTC One (GPE), Google Nexus 5. Photo samples available at…

18 Responses to “Best Android 4.4 Kitkat phones: Moto X, HTC One (GPE), Google Nexus 5”

  • Mastermood5959 says:

    So what is next hamburger 5.0 or grapes 5.0 maybe butter 5.0 lol smh I
    verily have jellybean 

  • Tal Risin says:

    Oh god dude, this MONO RIGHT ONLY sound drives me crazy.
    Every single video has the right channel at full volume and the left
    channel at 10% volume.
    The “mobileburn” animation has normal sound but the microphone part is just
    Fix your microphone or remix the channels so that both are at the same
    It’s not so hard, nearly every audio editing software has an option to do
    this and it takes like 5 seconds.

    If you put on stereo headphones you can clearly hear this difference
    between left and right channels.

  • PurpleAlligatorFlim says:

    Lmao at that first comment

  • PurpleAlligatorFlim says:

    I would personally get moto x over all of them because of its very very
    awesome battery life, active notifications, and hands-free voice controls.
    Ican live with the “bad camera” (which is actually pretty decent, nothing
    to brag about though). I hope the next iteration of the moto x has a better

  • slidetopoweroff says:

    htc one

  • Nick Leffler says:

    I am happy with my Moto G running KitKat

  • Seth ClaiBorne says:

    I don’t understand why Google thinks that’s a great camera interface that
    interface is a headache

  • freddywayne says:

    Good Comparison that consumers will really appreciate! Moto X is the phone
    for the masses.

  • Andrew Diamante says:

    2:53 ;) 

  • Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

    Very good review I am looking forward to getting 4.4 on mu galaxy note 3 

  • duttyow709 says:

    Why isn’t the galaxy s4 (GPE) apart of this lineup, it’s on par with or
    better than at least two of the phones here IMO.

  • kamalsutra says:

    2:52 I see boobies

  • Ken Shuler says:

    i picked the moto x over the nexus 5. the touchless controls are incredible
    and i love the battery life. i know i gave up the raw power of the nexus 5,
    but the features from the moto x are so useful that would not give them up.
    the voice recognition software built into my car is hit or miss and pisses
    me off sometimes, but when i have my moto x synced via Bluetooth in the car
    its the best. but you have to look at what features are important to you.

  • ninjakOoOOL says:

    Im watching this in my galaxy s4 :) 

  • PDXMatthew says:

    I cringe every time I hear this dude say buttons or HTC. It’s like he
    doesn’t know there is a t in the word button.

  • ese benalal says:

    Where is that beutiful wallpaper from?

  • PCHCP says:

    You are aware that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is going to be one of the best
    Kitkat 4.4 smartphones once the update is available. Just look at fast and
    easy the UI for the device is. 

  • j-Zy Monzon says:

    Guys please help me to decide….

    Google Nexus 5 or HTC ONE google edition???

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