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MovieTube Review: Buy My Official Android Ebook: http://uploadn…

25 Responses to “Best Android App Of 2013 Of ALL TIME: MovieTube- Watch Free HD Movies On ALL Android Devices”

  • Jorge Vazquez says:

    What I use its NAVI X inside of XBMC APP but the app isn’t in the play store got to look it up on the internet

  • Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    So I just get it off of Google play?

  • Hafeze Ku says:

    yes. search this app at google play

  • 2Guys1ControllerShow says:

    This app is crap! Pirated movies streaming at not HD quality! I will not watch this guy no more. And he has ugly fingers.

  • h4x0rl33tee says:

    Nice review keep up the good work for the haters at the comment below go fck your self racist bastard

  • ElementBlazeT says:

    How is this legal?

  • muzzyblanco says:

    Luv this app movietube rocks

  • LARRY GATLIN says:

    super cool app dude thanks for the info.

  • Denise Randle says:

    Thanks for the info

  • meggy montero says:

    One of my best apps ever!!! You Rockz Movietube!!!!!

  • emma S says:

    google play on the APP is false, really at

  • 2ligitiknow says:

    What does it mean when it says this video is private or something like that

  • Shubham Das says:

    HEY..can u give me the apk link of spb shell launcher! plZ dudE

  • The123darkhero says:

    Pirate bay browser is good too.

  • Nuffflove says:

    This has got to be the best out there.ive watched some top films couldn’t believe it…

  • jim kapsoulis says:

    Check the app MusicTimeOff . it is worth the time

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  • nevetsmama says:

    Movietube used to be in GooglePlay store but it was removed a while ago by Google. I asked both Google and movietube why, but I got no definite answer. THAT information should also be in this review. Peace.

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  • triplethe2 says:

    Different from gogle play…

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