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Yo peeps what’s up?! If you’re getting bored with the look of your android device, then why not try a custom launcher? They’re an easy way to revamp your and…

25 Responses to “Best Android Launchers 2013”

  • Jerry4050 says:

    I use Nova Launcher but I still like Sense 5 on my HTC One

  • Arnald harry says:

  • TsK NexTRicK says:

    Try Next Launcher.

  • bestbugnification says:

    Nope. Ur not the only one. I’ve installed Nova Launcher on my phone because it’s the closest one to stock Android!!!

  • Yusuf Fareed says:

    I am bored of stock jelly bean
    so I try all these new launchers
    but they turn out to be unsatisfying
    so I use the stock jelly bean :)
    but hey smart launcher is good to

  • Nexus Ace says:

    Yea launcher 7 more like launcher 8…lol

  • Nexus Ace says:

    Opps sorry I just forgot that launcher 7 was supposed to mimic windows 7 launcher not windows 8 launcher…

  • HeyItsReign says:

    Launcher 8 also exists. :)

  • Carlo Munoz says:

    its the closest one, yet still offers a great customization experience. Love it!

  • lars larsson says:

    thats perfect. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. its not a joke, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. have a try and enjoy :) –>

  • bestbugnification says:

    Yep!!! That’s why i love it!!!

  • Cesar Keuleyan says:

    I love Go Launcher ex

  • Marius Dumitrescu says:

    hard !

  • Wilson Guzmán says:

    Apex ftw, everything else (except stock ICS/Jelly Bean) sucks.

  • TimoKanal says:

    Next Launcher? :) 

  • gamerman123x says:


  • zillagecko1998 says:

    Get Launcher 7 with Icons 7. Best “Windows Phone” experience

  • StarWarsJokeOfficiel says:

    Iphone theme

    Applications to download:

    Espier Launcher (iOS Launcher)

    Go SMS Pro (SMS Application);

    Go SMS Pro iPhone Theme (Theme iPhone SMS application);

    Go Contact EX (Application Contact and Phone)

  • StarWarsJokeOfficiel says:

    partie 2 :

    Go Contact EX Theme iPhone (iPhone Theme the Contact and Phone)

    A.I.type Free Keyboard (iPhone keyboard …)

    MagicLocker (unlock screen Application);

    MagicLocker iPhone Lockscreen (Theme iPhone unlock screen);

    Espier Notifications (Theme Iphone notifications);

    Espier Browser (Browser with iPhone theme – same functionality …)

    Espier and Clock (Clock theme with iPhone).

    Here is a beautiful theme Iphone!

  • PiratedAndroid says:


  • Simen Jensen Vestlie says:

    action launcher?

  • David Toth says:


  • Daniel Seanez says:

    It seems that most of the GO Apps kill battery.

  • Andrew Rohletter says:

    Glovebox is another great sidebar app

  • Govind Nair says:


    so much for being *stupid* :|

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