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25 Responses to “Best Android Phone of 2013 (Galaxy S4 vs HTC One)”

  • bulbadude says:

    Don’t you think “best of 2013″ is a little misleading? (It’s only April :p )

  • Celso Garcia says:

    Galaxy s4 is 5 inch not 4 inch and super full hd amoled pentile matrix not lcd

  • Celso Garcia says:


  • Jonathan Krasnowski says:

    Bulbadude… It’s May

  • BULLOCK1973 says:

    I can tell from watching your episodes you Sure like samsung phones. It shows in your “neutral” comparisons. You must get free bees from samsung. I still love my i phones. And I will continue with owning an I phone. The only way I would ever think of getting an android is when apps get better. They really are disappointing as of right now. I have a samsung 10.1 tab and the apps are disappointing to say the least.

  • BULLOCK1973 says:

    I really enjoy your reviews.i found your channel when I was looking for a comparison between I pad and 10.1 tab samsung. You swayed me to buy the samsung. I absolutely agree front speakers are a must.

  • chriskey99 says:

    Good review

  • Devon Burns says:

    Quit whining everyone! You should already know that HTC is no where near Samsung. Idc how premium their hardware is you will still have bad battery life and poor quality in everything it does.

  • Sammy smith says:

    What a sad comparison. 37 minutes to show your biased towards Samsung. Not to mention your facts are wrong.

  • Wilfredo Bautista Jr says:

    S4 wins every time, the only category that the One always wins is design, otherwise the GS4 is the best all around device.

  • BANNERTM says:

    SGS4 has better design

  • Rizing Pho says:

    Samsung is the best

  • chriskey99 says:

    Sg4 is way better than HTC one

  • jovaughn thomas says:

    yaaaaay yaaaaa samsung can i get a wooot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlienBreedGaming says:

    S4 has a 5inch screen.? Not 4inch :S

  • Jasongiantdefy says:

    Umad kent?

  • AndroidSKL959 says:

    The HTC One is the iphone of android, because you can’t really multitask (multifunction). You can’t add more memory. You can’t swap battery and memory card, because the HTC is a unibody metal-aluminum frame–therefore the case of the Samsung is plastic—-duh. Damn–there is a whole lot of CAN’T involve HTC one. This really reminds me of the iphone—yep, whole lot of CAN’Ts

  • Matt Stephens says:

    when talking about the screens you might also want to add that the HTC One can be much brighter. almost twice as loud

  • Mohmmad Alwakeel says:

    what’s the price of unlock galaxy s4

    in any waer

  • s27945 says:


  • jaredpersinger70 says:

    Htc one is good for me!

  • mrferesg says:

    If you are going to use the night mode on the S4, use night mode on the One too, it would be a bit more fair…

  • rhythmsync says:

    Great review!! Thank you,,
    The S4 is looking like it’s the One for me,, However, I can’t find out how it copes with audio levels when for example, videoing a band at volume! Most phones will distort the audio on play back!! Any ideas??

  • Neil Bolt says:

    This review seemed pretty biased towards Samsung. Most other reviews I’ve watched and read saw the HTC One seems faster than S4 but you say the HTC One is slower. Also most reviewers (and people I know) prefer Sense over TouchWiz. I think you are letting your personal preferences get in the way of the review.

  • Jo Reisinger says:

    You said that if you turned the htc around it would be cheating, well its cheating also because the s4 has speaker in back so its also cheating to have it turned to the front

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