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Android Q&A – Join Jayce as he talks about the best Android phone under 0.00 for 2014, how to best optimize the life of your phon’es battery, and Qualcomm…

25 Responses to “Best Android Phone Under $400, Battery Saving Tips, Snapdragon vs. MediaTek – Android Q&A”

  • Android Authority says:

    This week on the Android Q&A, we talk about the best Android phones under
    $400, some battery saving tips, and Qualcomm vs MediaTek SoCs.

    Video by +Jayce Broda 

  • Eddie Ayala says:

    Why is it bad to leave your phone charging for hours after its fully
    charged ?

  • Bo.po. Box says:

    There is a lot of answers out there but one think you should take in mind
    what was nexus 2 years ago? and what are they in this days? Today they have
    their own big company so if not profit y kept them…

  • Itz Brody says:

    Google sold Motorola to Lenovo due to the reason that to thrive it helps to
    be all-in when it comes to making mobile devices.Google is not.Lenovo is
    one of the fastest growing computer brands in the world,and by acquiring
    Motorola that can compete in the smart phone business 

  • will Philip says:

    The reason that Google sold Motorola is because the other companies like
    Samsung started to think that Google was favoring Motorola. They no longer
    wanted to support a company that was now their competition, so they started
    to develop their own mobile operating systems to replace android with. So
    Samsung agreed not to mess around with Android and and touch wiz if Google
    sold Motorola.
    So now going is no longer a competitor in the smart phone market, and
    Samsung is staying with Android. Also good kept all of Motorola’s patents,
    and the phone blocks project.

    I did my research, so please!!! pick me to win the shirt!! 

  • Finlay Sklar says:

    The reason why google sold it was because they want to introduce a new
    company into the android market. 

  • Parth Malani says:

    my question is a big one you could even have a dedicated video to it. Here
    it is
    we know that snapdragon performs better than mediatek of same value like
    1.2ghz but there is a big price difference. I am talking about real
    performance at the same price that could be 1ghz of snap and 1.5 of media
    that is at a particular price which one performs better please also compare
    intel atom processors & nvidia processors of the Same price range 

  • William Casey Sedlacek says:

    Well google was losing money and motorola was a cash cow they were sitting
    on. So why not sell it and get to keep the patents rather than just
    experiment with it and lose more money? #QnA 

  • tyre536 says:

    Because They dont want all the companys like samsung/lg/sony mostly samsung
    to steer away from android. so they sold motorola to make everyone happy.

  • Mohammad Hamideh says:

    The answer to your question:

    1. So Google can protect Android through the patent portfolio.

    2. As an android user I started favoring motorola over other devices since
    they were purchased by Google. Other companies were prepared to stire away
    from android. They felt that google was competing directly with them. Thats
    why google sold motorola for cheap.

    3. Lenovo’s success is google’s success. Plus Google still has the the
    patent portfolio.
    2.9 billion is cheap for motorola but, I believe that Samsung and maybe
    other companies paid Google to drop it and sell it out.

    4. Selling Motorola to Lenovo from Samsung’s perspective shows their
    stability and Motorola as still a weaker player in comparison.


    - Peace. 

  • Valentino Medina says:

    I like to know if you have any suggestions for Tablet users, Tablets are
    quite popular nowadays. Do you have any tips for Battery saving. On
    Tablets? If you Do could you give some advice Please. !

  • iTzAceShott says:

    My answer is google is going bonkers!

  • DJEddieXZ says:

    To be honest I figured since they don’t have a Dedicated builder for Nexus
    phones, they would make a Motorola Droid Nexus and just build the nexus
    line using Motorola since they owned then

  • Bentley Carr says:

    The Q&A question:
    I think it was to reestablish a better relationship with Samsung and many
    other OEMs and to try and stop Samsung from mimicking their apps. I think
    they also (in 2012) saw potential in Motorola, so they decided to buy them
    and help them, point them in the right direction, before sending them off
    to Lenovo. Lenovo is a company which is doing well overseas and has yet to
    expand into the US market whereas the Moto X still isn’t available
    Internationally. In addition, Lenovo didn’t change IBM dramatically when
    acquiring them, so Google would have thought that hopefully they won’t
    change Motorola, so they sold it to them. Hopefully if they do well, it
    will encourage other OEMs to have a more vanilla Android feel to their
    phones too.

  • Caden Ross says:

    +Jayce Broda Google sold Motorola for that price mainly based on profit
    loss, and upon selling it they pretty much stripped down Motorola taking
    its patents/advanced hardware division team. Yeah there is talk about being
    the favored OEM by google, which could be some of the case, but i believe
    it still relies soley on the profit loss and stripping motorola.

  • Jose Cañadas says:

    The obvious reason to sell motorola mobility was that the company was
    losing roughly 384 million dollars in q4 of 2013. But the answer is so much
    more complex than that, and yes, as in everything “android”, samsung has a
    role to play; in ces2014, google was so displeased when they saw samsung’s
    new magazine ui that they met with the samsung team to try and bring them
    back to google’s idea of what android should look like. Here google did the
    smart move of stop “favouring” a samsung competitor (motorola) and sell the
    company to lenovo for 2.91 billion, a bargain for lenovo, but not as much
    of a loss for google because motorola’s patent portfolio and their special
    proyect division (proyect ara) stayed at google and google value this much
    more than motorola’s hardware division. So the bottom line is they cut
    their losses with the red numbers they where getting from motorola and at
    the same time manipulated their biggest partner, samsung, into giving the
    consumer a more “google” take on android. 

  • 박명진 says:

    +Jayce Broda
    Google sold the Motorola because Lenovo will be able to be a better company
    for it to produce better phones than Google. but even though Google sold
    Motorola, I believe Google still has the majority patents of Motorola.
    from how I see Google didn’t wanted to or it was too much of work to do for
    Google to keep Motorola rolling, so Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, but
    Google and Lenovo is in win win situation.

    even though Google quite didn’t get profit from Motorola, its like giving
    up of the company but while finding a way to keep the company alive, while
    still its benefiting Google.
    so Google basically sold Motorola to prevent more loss, while Google is
    keeping majority of patents

    -from my POV of articles i have read

    point me out if how i explained or maybe have misunderstand the articles i
    have read.
    thank you for reading :D 

  • Daryl San Pascual says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda do android devices really need an anti virus?

  • Noam Silvy says:

    They sold it that cheap because they don’t want Samsung to have the
    monopole of the android phone market.

  • niki9742 says:

    Google sold motorola to lenovo because motorola don’t bring em so much
    money as expected.

  • Tharindu Hettiarachchi says:

    @Jayce Broda _ It’s a trick by Google to sell moto to keep mobile
    manufacturers sticked to Android. See samsung, they introduced a new topic
    to their ui. samsung was warning Google to leave the hardware field if not
    they would change the os or would change the ui making it completely
    different from the pure android. It wasn’t only samsung. And Google was
    like okay go on with Android, here we’re leaving the field. And that’s why
    there is a romour that Google will stop the nexus brand name. They just
    don’t want to make their customers I mean manufacturers like samsung to get
    angry with them. They don’t want to compete with their own customers, again
    I mean manufacturers. But the question remains. Why they sold it for a low
    price? According to MKBHD they haven’t let it go, the whole thing. Still
    moto is sticked to Android. But it is clear that Google has earned for the
    future by owning moto for a while. And they own patents. So there must be
    something behind the deal like lenovo cannot change the os. Though Google
    has sold it it’s just like now moto is depended on Google. Moto had that
    new idea of making a mobiles collecting peaces(I don’t remember what that
    is called ) whatever it is it is cool. Google own the patent of that as
    they owned it at that time. So it’s just like an investment for Google. MAY

  • Christian Reyes says:

    As you previously stated one of the main reasons Google first bought
    Motorola was for its patents since they can be used to protect themselves
    and Android against frivolous lawsuits like the ones Apple likes to make.
    They made the sale to Lenovo but it didn’t include any of the patents nor
    the Advance Project and Technologies Division which is responsible for
    project Ara of Modular Smartphones. Google sold parts of Motorola in
    reality. Making sure to keep the best for themselves. Another reason for
    this sale was the fact that there was a bit of tension among manufacturers
    since after Google bought Motorola it was seen as if they had a certain
    favoritism towards Motorola. And even rose speculation of Google becoming a
    manufacturer themselves and competing. Motorola was just been supervised by
    Google behind the curtain but was left alone for them to do what they saw
    fit as Manufacturers giving birth to great phones like the Moto X and Moto
    G. This supposed favoritism made manufacturers like Samsung a bit nervous
    and even caused them to start moving away from Android as we know and also
    to make drastic changes to the Android interaction of consumers in their
    products with the use of their Touchwiz UI, this can be seen particularly
    with Samsung’s latest change the magazine UI.

    By selling Motorola to Lenovo, Google is no longer seen as an OEM behind
    the curtain and their is no doubt there is an equal plainfield for all
    OEM’s in Android. And as a Domino effect this sale also caused that Google
    could have an opportunity to tell Samsung to keep it down a notch with
    their changes in their touchwiz UI and try to still control Android and
    deliver a somewhat more relatable experience among different products of


  • Anas Fatani says:

    There a couple of reasons. First is that Google only sold part of Motorola
    and kept patents to themselves. Another reason is that all the other OEMs
    like Samsung thought that Motorola was Google’s favorite OEM. So then when
    Samsung changed their UI for Android KitKat 4.4 they changed it completely,
    so Google told them they would sell Motorola but Samsung had to change
    their UI because it was a really big change that didn’t look like Android

  • HeLLkAt31 says:

    Google still owns the majority of the patents from Motorola. Along with
    other projects that came with Motorola. The patents protect Android as a
    whole. When Google bought Motorola it came with 3 billion in cash. Google
    got shares in return from Lenovo. So I’m sure Google’s presence will be in
    Lenovo. Lenovo has a stronger reach around the world which benefits
    Android. Google is establishing better relations with other OEMS now that
    the playing field is even. Which gives Google more influence on the look of
    Android. The first signs of this is Samsung going for a more Android look
    and it’s going to promote Google apps more. As a business point of view it
    looks really profitable. I hope this is enough to win the best Android
    shirt in the world! =)

  • Shadow_hunter104 says:

    Google has too much money?

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