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ANDROID Q&A – Join Jayce as he talks about the best Android Smartphone Camera among the current flagship smart phones, and dealing with iPhone envy, and how …

25 Responses to “Best Android Smartphone Camera 2014, iPhone vs Android & Android Updates OTA”

  • Rahul Balana says:

    Galaxy S5 is the best. Xperia Z2 lacks quality software. I know because I
    freaking own the Z1. Samsung, HTC. LG, Apple and Nokia are the only good
    smartphone makers.

  • adguglani1 says:

    Jayce, I’m in a dilemma, should I get Xperia Z1 or Nexus 5? What attracts
    me towards Z1 is its camera and waterproof body, while Nexus 5 attracts me
    because of guaranteed updates and large variety of custom roms and
    developer support. If I won’t buy Z1, the only reason would be updates and
    smaller development community and availability of custom roms. So which one
    should I get? Plus, is there a significant and huge difference between
    camera quality of both?

  • ahmed mido says:

    2:30 >>> yeah, it’s good for developers to stick to one type of hardware.
    but its results are CATASTROPHIC. as seen on iphone 5, black bars are still
    there on many of UNupdated apps. and they only increased da size 0.5 inches
    >>> any change in size of da phone in da future means that all da apps
    currently running wont offer a good experience on da updated phone
    (assuming that da new iphone 6 will actually get updated)

  • Masterincommander says:

    seems pointless to compare camera on which is the best because half the
    phones arent even out yet, namely the G3

  • extremegamer77777 says:

    If you want a kick ass camera on a smartphone.
    The Nokia Lumia 1520 & ICON are for you or if you wanf the ultimate
    smartphone camera, pick the Nokia Lumia 1020.
    A 41 mega pixel camera.

  • Zachary Moon says:

    If you want a good camera phone DON’T GET AN ANDROID! I’m sorry for anyone
    who is going to be upset with this, but like it or not high end Lumia
    phones and iPhone will offer the better camera. Sorry people.

  • TheJdecka says:

    I dont know whose iPhone you used but the battery on my iPhone lasted way
    longer than say my Moto x and was way less capacity too. I really dont get
    where your coming from on that comment. Do you have to say something bad
    about the iPhone because you said something good??? Kinda lame my friend. I
    thought we were past all this fanboy crap. 

  • nicholas Carbonara says:

    With the releases of a bunch of new android devices in 2014, could you or
    another Android Authority member do a video describing why you should by
    one over the other? Less focusing on features but with more devices.

    For example:

    -HTC M8 – Simple use blah blah
    S5- Water proof lots of features
    Oppo fine 7- Good user interface

    ^Those were just hypotheticals but I think it would be cool if we could see
    all of the new android phones pitted against each other in a short recap of
    each and why a person would want to buy a specific one.

  • Andylink007 says:

    its called the fucking oppo find 7

  • NobleChief says:

    Hey Jayce, how did you start working for Android Authority? As a long time
    fan of the channel, I’m genuinely interested :) 

  • Christian Bridges says:

    Ummm the s5 is waterproof just like the xperia z2..

  • MarineSldrX says:

    I do notice that iPhones tend to load apps much faster than android phones,
    even though android phones are more powerful. 

  • Jonty Gamao says:

    +Jayce Broda what’s your favorite custom ROM?

    What do you think is the best 3rd party camera app?

    What video player are you using on your phone?

    Totally unrelated to Android: what do you think of Cortana?

    Why does Google hate expandable storage?

    Which one do you like better: Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, Firefox OS or

    Do you use any Xposed apps? If yes, what do you use?

    I use this app called AcDisplay. In the recent update, the app requires
    Xposed to make it work. Does Xposed minimize the RAM usage compared to
    tweaks that don’t use Xposed?

    If they’re too much, I don’t mind if you pick just one :) 

  • Óscar Caballero says:

    The short answer to that last question would be no, you don’t even have to
    unroot. As long as you are using the stock ROM, the updates will get to you
    as soon as they’re available.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib says:

    I LIKE THIS MAN .. good answear … keep the good work

  • Yousif Waleed says:

    First Q, He asked you about SENSOR SIZE and who it’s effecting the pictures
    not about best phone camera’s !?

  • Isaac Robles says:

    Hello +Jayce Broda , I at one time rooted, unlocked the bootloader, and
    loaded a custom ROM on the Google Nexus 7 2013. I then wanted to get back
    to stock, so I unrooted and relocked the bootloader and flashed the proper
    stock image. Am I still able to recieve OTA updates like the future 4.4.3
    KitKat Update.


  • killer999aable says:

    Sony rules!!!!! Xperia Z2..!!!! 

  • Ahmad Khan says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda, me question is why doesn’t Google come out with the
    latest version of stock android ROM similar to what’s found on the Nexus
    devices so anyone who doesn’t own a Nexus can download it and directly
    apply it on their phones and be able to enjoy the latest android version?

  • Killa Konnections says:

    great videos

  • kendall280z says:

    the question that every one have asked at least once… why the fuck doenst
    samsung make a properly built phone? (materials)

  • Mousa Hill says:

    HTC king android ^_^

  • Y Lafleur says:

    when install flash player ion android 4.4

  • thushar pro says:

    Hey can u explain,
    About, different between a 1080p display and 2k because the format on 1080p
    is 1080 by 1920 on 2k 1440 by 2560 on 360 by 640 higher so that is call any
    2k display.

  • modziw12 says:

    Your volume is lower than videos. 

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