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Taking a look at some of the top Apps I’ve used on a daily basis so far. Ive shared a couple on iOS as well as Android to keep everyone happy! Let me know wh…

25 Responses to “Best Apps of 2013! (May)”

  • SyCotimothy says:

    Now I’m on 235

  • ohheelllno says:

    Blood brothers!!

  • sunlightweather says:

    You forgot to mention “Swipe Settings Tool Control” which provides Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness, Sound mode, and more switches, but the special thing is that when you need settings for a specific function, you just drag (swipe) up that button to find settings! Available as App/Widget/Notification/Locksc­­reen widget!

    This app was made to help as many Android users as possible with the daily use of the phone.

  • mR nIcE says:

    omg… your videos are so shit….. you are not good man…. and look your moulth, how a horse hahahaha.!!!!

  • Kye Ewels says:

    What just happend

  • devon g says:

    U mean little butthole

  • devon g says:

    Ur YouTube name is mR nIcE

  • terrorwolves1 says:

    Clash of clans is the best app ever

  • DaTSpic101 says:

    ProTuber. better than the Youtube app on ios

  • Serbian King says:

    clash of clans

  • James Loughridge says:

    Can you please do a how-to video on your launcher?! it looks so good!

  • hipeoplesable says:

    U forgot to to put the subscribe button in the corner -_- 6:35-6:40

  • BrocktheKiller says:

    U should try vidrythm

  • darren smith says:

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  • Diarrassouba Lassana says:

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  • Matt Braby says:


  • darren smith says:

    Down load them both great apps

  • Kevin Navarro Gomez says:

    what nova launcher theme you have?

  • AndroidTam says:

    and mycolorscreen

  • tataquinn says:

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  • nat3schittler says:

    What launcher is that

  • El Chingon says:

    I Play Candy Crush I Just Play On The Computer Because My Phone Is Not The The Version Mines A Touch Screen Kinda Big But It Ain The version Thats Supost To

  • William Grose says:

    Clash of clans

  • Ely Hamani says:

    that is the best flower pic i ever saw :)

  • Don Sergeon says:

    whats the lockscreen?


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