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Android Q&A – Join Jayce as he talks about the best entry level Android Phone in 2014, how to put your phone in recovery mode, and how to fix the “Google Play Services has stopped” error. …

25 Responses to “Best Entry Level Android Phone & How To Fix “Google Play Services Stopped” Error”

  • JetishIE says:

    I wrote down the battle of the planet in 4 different languages.. Still
    didnt win the t shirt… D: so sad. 

  • Error1753 says:

    Error …….yea blame it on me :P 

  • Julien SALAMI says:

    For Backup/Restore apps, Titanium Backup is for rooted phons, what about
    Helium for non rooted phones ?
    In both cases, some apps does not play well with restoration thoug but for
    99% apps, it works fantastic

  • N3ROGamingHD says:

    you look like hank from breaking bad

  • Vegard Løknes says:

    Hey Jayce. You look a lot like the recently elected leader of the Norwegian
    Centre Party, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum. Are you related? 

  • aruanboggy says:

    LoL, Fail: Second question is about how to revert to stock recovery.
    Shortly, the poor guy wanted to know how to “uninstall” clockworkmod
    recovery. You could have given him more advice by pointing to
    xda-developers forum.

    Dear Newb: one of the easiest way to get rid of a custom recovery image is
    to accept an OTA update, or to flash a full firmware. For more info, go to
    xda-developers forum and search the threads.

  • Christoph Göller says:

    If you install Pac-Man Rom on my Nexus 7 (2013) something has gone wrong
    and since then I get it not to run only in Clokworkmode recovery mode can
    you help me?

  • Jack Butcher says:

    i only got this on cyanogen mod

  • ast5515 says:

    Please ask questions that take time to answer. I mean that require people
    to do some more research. 6 minutes after the videos go live, I’m usually
    not even at home and I don’t use my phone to youtube.

  • uNkLeRaRa4 says:

    NO MOTO G?? Best bang for your buck!

  • Raul Mihut says:

    when is android 4.4 kitkat coming to GS3 ? I’m from Romania btw

  • Oveedew G says:

    titanium backup requires root…

  • Carson Greene says:

    For backups and restores WITHOUT root:
    1. Helium: free in the play store. Backs up to the SD card, to the PC, and,
    if you pay $5, the cloud.

    2. Google’s built in option: by default, Google backs up a list of apps
    installed on your device. This doesn’t back up data, but the list of apps
    is backed up. So, when you log into a new device with your Google account,
    the apps will be redownloaded. 

  • Indonesia says:

    Just wait 1/2 years more, there will probably a phone with RAM of 1 or 2GB
    for around $100.

  • Mauri says:

    Oh man I was missing something this week and didn’t know what it was. Now i
    know, a Jayce video!

  • Matthew Carter says:

    Nice. You just failed to answer the guys question about stock recovery.
    Pretty sure if he’s on CWM then he knows how to enter recovery mode.

  • xxxburke says:

    Do you uhhhh… Yahoo?

  • darkheat246 says:

    You root and install mods on your phone but you can’t enter recovery mode?
    >.> Genius level goat.

  • David Laufer says:

    Major respect lost. Not like he forgot to answer but didn’t understand the

  • Aaron Hannaford says:

    What do you think about the blu lfe play phone

  • Christoph Göller says:

    how can I flash data from the PC to my ADB from my Nexus 7 2013

  • Shaishav Oza says:

    I own a nexus 5 and i use it for intensive gaming
    Its back get heated alot
    To cool it down i take ice cubes and apply it on the back of the phone
    Is this harmful or will it in anyway disturb its wireless charging facility

  • Luke Sandstrom says:

    Is there anyway to turn off LTE on the AT&T version of the GS5 and just use
    4g, HSPA+, or 3g?

  • devesh kolla says:

    How to get stock android on Samsung galaxy mobiles

  • adguglani1 says:

    Jayce, I’m in a dilemma, should I get Xperia Z1 or Nexus 5? What attracts
    me towards Z1 is its camera and waterproof body, while Nexus 5 attracts me
    because of guaranteed updates and large variety of custom roms and
    developer support. If I won’t buy Z1, the only reason would be updates and
    smaller development community and availability of custom roms. So which one
    should I get? And is there a significant and huge difference between camera
    quality of both?

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