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This is a compilation of the best games for Iphone 4 2010/2011. Some of them will work also on the iphone 3gs. The theme i’m using is called iScience HD and …

25 Responses to “Best games for the Iphone 4 / Ipod / Ipad 2011”

  • bogdan derpin says:

    esti roman??

  • LpInThePlace says:

    inotia 3 is 1 of 10 best game!

  • Briana Johnson says:

    dude the music is awesome<3 i could listen to it all day and your games are
    my favorite games too, marry me LOL , naaa but you should send me a
    playlist! and we could change electro songs :)

  • johny Redcrow says:

    @serpico89 Ya it has a map like vice city but a crappy storyline I wouldn’t
    recommend it

  • Chuck Norris says:

    So whats the name of ur theme its rly cool PLIZ TELL ME!!

  • Kronicilln3ss says:

    Some really great games are both part one and two of each series modern
    combat 1&2 and nova1&2, deadlock online, draw race 1&2, iblast moki2,
    contre jour, pocket god but there’s more o haven’t played but want idk what
    to get edge extended pocket rpg or jetpack joyride

  • itzkekkula says:

    what about call of duty zombies or is it in part 2

  • yujeen01 says:

    @razvangavan & @mrdaddel thank u so much!!! ;)

  • julingts says:

    all 3 track names please!

  • Tony R says:

    Its funny how tough people have gotten since the net came out, but I can
    garentee u these same tough guys in person wouldn’t have much to say at
    all, and all this f this and f that /claps his hands, u have to feel sorry
    for them what else is there lol

  • OdysseyCheerBadass says:

    I would never get a white iPod touch. But Christmas… Hmmmm….. Nahhhh
    new game rig sounds better to me :)

  • roflman87 says:

    thnx dude, gr8 vid!

  • turdmen111 says:

    @flashbangvideos someone needs to calm their tits.

  • Zaraki Kenpachi says:

    damn so relaxing music i even forgot what i was watching right now xD

  • civciv79 says:

    And the name of one song is “Emil lassaria – Balada ” cheers all

  • zkizzoid1952 says:

    great games man..

  • max cher says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh i dont know about it :o , thanks

  • messnarnd says:

    love the kick drum on that song

  • Jean Gamero says:

    “Tristan Garner – Caribe” is playing in the background. Great beat.

  • Helium says:

    @King Kong yeah coz it’s made by gameloft, gameloft copies everything.
    Modern combat-CoD, nova-halo, gangstar-gta……

  • Marlon Pascual says:

    Modern combat 4 zero hour is coming

  • Pasindu Weerasinghe says:

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  • super killa says:

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    appcake and vshare and iapstore

  • oobertuberdude says:

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  • aymen saihi says:

    Is battelfield bad company 2 for free ??

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