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For more details, check out our web site: PhoneArena recaps some of the best recenlty released Android and iPhone games. Icy Tower…

17 Responses to “Best new free Android, iPhone and iPad games (June, part 1)”

  • Mohidinekhan Ibtiaaj says:

    thank you for make this new games on the note 8.0.:D there are no reviews of how games perfiom on this device which i badly wants to see..plzz make all apps videos from note 8.0 :D

  • kdude112233 says:

    Quick quick recap…

  • Science2Student says:

    will install Redline Rush

  • Blessbh says:

    silent age is a really good

  • john vd have says:

    I can confirm that all games will run smooth on the note 8.0. What i like the most about the note 8 is that gameloft games run very smooth. A lot of devices lag with games made by gameloft.

  • Will Frame says:

    There’s really no such thing as “free” games. They are all freemium games, which is a cancer that needs to be eradicated. I’d rather pay for games without in-app purchases.

  • tribalmasters says:

    I agree fremium games are not good! Would rather pay a demo and then buy the game to keep forever.

  • awesomeroshen says:

    I saw his face

  • JGPicatoste says:

    I can confirm BitBattle is a complete free game. Not that I have developed it (which I have), but also because that is the main point behind its distribution: no ads, absolutely free.

  • Will Frame says:

    You, sir, are my hero. I just hate the Freemium model.

  • AlvaroHPG says:

    True. I’m from the dev team too: it’s a very humble game, but I hope you can enjoy it anyways :)

    The review is very flattering, thank you Phone Arena!

  • Adrian Nicu says:

    What can be better than free? When they pays you to try their games :D

  • T Sami says:

    Silent Age is fantastic actually,i played it about three months ago when it first launched on the appstore.The game actually has puzzles where you have to go back and forth in time to solve them,really cool,shame it took so long to come to google playstore.

  • claudiudarkangel says:

    pays?really?anyway i don’t think they pay him for playing those games ,he’s just presenting us some new games that were relesed recently on the play store :)

  • Adrian Nicu says:

    Dude, I was kidding about the intro. Sarcasm!

  • like4game says:

    finally, I can see your face now, now I can die in peace

  • claudiudarkangel says:

    well learn some english bro !! ;)

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