synthroid long term effects

Like it If Iphone Sucks! =)

25 Responses to “Best (Root Apps) For Rooted Android Phone!”

  • bossman young says:

    are you disable? fagget

  • TheRealMLC says:

    lol kids are too smart with technology these days

  • Jon Cortellacci says:

    mac vs pc is much different that mac vs iphone

  • KidFlash123Rrt says:

    what app you get to get that battery level in that circle on your statusbar?

  • Ankit Vig says:

    hey kid lol u use the word ‘actually’ 15 to 20 times

  • ShadowAndriod says:

    i rooted my phone and got thes apps these are awsime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

     find the l


  • kyle kirkpatrick says:


  • RefuzedGamingHD says:

    Your a dumbass , iphone is a cellular device , mobile texting , talking , mac is a computer device , two total different ideas -_-

  • Adrian Bordoy says:

    fucking boring as fuck

  • Ungala Bungala says:

    same shit different name

  • roman m says:

    U child

  • jalen tigner says:

    Windows phone, Bing, and Internet Explorer suck but I use a PC. He doesn’t have to like every apple product.

  • LilZaih says:

    hey like free gift cards like ebay, starbucks, PSN, Xbox, iTunes? If android user download junowallet if apple user download bamboo wallet. for .25 cents enter my invite code IJ979135, if u need any help message me ill help. all u gtta do is download aps and invite people.,

  • littlebigcreatureful says:

    dumb ass bitch u using a mac book 

  • RICKYxxAKAxxZERO says:

    yeah hes useing a mac. this reminds me of my friend that is a loyal at&t customer but has verizon wi-fi

  • 1XJumpintheLeagueX1 says:

    i dont think so

  • 1XJumpintheLeagueX1 says:



  • systemguy000 says:


  • cyr96 says:

    do you have cancer?!

  • ANGELX55studios says:

    android talk on a mac? seems legit

  • mrnarason says:

    download from playstore

  • cheepmeep says:

    He said iPhone sucks, not Apple. I have a Macbook myself and still dislike iPhones. Liking one product that a company sells does not mean that you will like every single other product that said company sells.

  • Brad Jackson says:

    Spoiled brat

  • georgieboy511 says:

    hey you are using you mac is from apple dumbass

  • Merkimi TM says:

    How old are you?

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