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Join Jayce as he talks about what Android phone to buy if you’re not a phablet phan, but love flagship power, the best tablet cases to consider for protectio…

25 Responses to “Best Small-Mid Sized Android Phone, Help with Game Addiction & Best Tablet Case for Protection – An”

  • Hunt Epic says:


  • TheDarrenLP™ says:

    I am glad I can watch this video a few minutes after pubishing

  • Bearded Bear says:

    4.5″ and 4.7″ screen sizes don’t seem small to me.

  • Moe Als says:

    I love my note 3 , but i got bored of nothing to do , any suggestions apps
    or anything that makes your phone FUN again ? 

  • Isaac Weston says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda could you explain some of the main benefits of custom Roms
    I’ve often thought about flashing cyanogenmod but Im not sure if the
    benefits are really worth all the effort especially when I have the xposed
    framework installed. thx

  • Yuji says:

    8th! I deserve a free nexus 5

  • Chan Ming Hou says:


  • ahmed mido says:

    jayce, da LG L9 II is a 1.5 mm taller, 1.5 mm wider, and 0.5 mm thinner
    than da sony xperia z1 compact WHILE still having a 4.7 inch display rather
    than 4.3 in da z1 compact with same 720p resolution
    my sis wanted da same thing (small pocket-able android phone) >>> after a
    lot of research, i recommended this phone for her … what do u think, da
    things that it lacks are snapdragon 800, 2 gb of ram, and da 20 MP camera
    >>> da question is: all these extra features … or an extra 0.4″ display
    in relatively da same size phone ??

  • Danoooooo says:

    you spelled game wrong in the title

  • Luke Ellulturner says:

    Do u think that Samsung will change from android to tizen in the future on
    there flag ships ( I hope not)

  • Luis De La Rosa says:

    Wow. I must say you have become one of my new favorites. Great work. Kudos 

  • Dennis Fluttershy says:

    That’s not better… I hate books. (3:38)
    I can never sit down and read…

  • Dennis Fluttershy says:

    +Jayce Broda I think you’re using American standard to talk about an
    international market. The American services for phone and internet
    providers are very corrupted, and looks much different intentionally. (3:10)

    I bought the Galaxy Nexus at *3* (a Swedish carrier), but used it with
    *Comviq* at first. I’m using *3* daily now, and I’ve got a Nexus 5 at a *3*-store,
    so I don’t know if that’s locked, I could try. But got no other SIM to try.

    Phones are locked in Sweden as well; I know people in my family has
    experienced it, but I haven’t experienced it that much myself.

  • Rocco Durazza says:

    +Jayce Broda jayce jayce jayce I guess my question was just to hard :p,
    still enjoy Android Authority’s work tho 

  • Sanny Budidarma says:

    Hry jayce,, when asus zenfone 4,5,6 release ? 

  • james lloyd says:

    love your vids :) 

  • Juuffepa says:

    Please tell what would be the BEST case for Sony xperia z.. That one what
    also can take hits 

  • Android Authority says:

    In today’s Android Q&A, we talk about the best mid-sized smartphone, help
    with game addiction, protective tablet cases, and more.

    Video by +Jayce Broda 

  • MrMister1227 says:

    Dose any one have a 10% battery life drain, while a nights sleep leaving
    the phone on airplane mode over night?

  • RobloOliver says:

    Lolol why would you buy a galaxy tab 3 10.1 … Wow xD 350$ for something
    with a terrible display and outdated specs … For this price you can buy a
    LG G Pad g play which is so good a Tab Pro 8.4 best specs and best display
    on a tablet right now.. Damn a nexus 7 that costs 230$ is better .. Sammy
    overpriced this tablet .. But marketing and shit..

  • RobloOliver says:

    I bought my nexus 4 from g play for 350$ which than I used in T-Mobile …
    The ones in t mobile cost was like 450$ xD

  • Azhan Jihadi says:

    Jayce. Need help to look for best app that can simultaneously update status
    to FB, Twitter, G+, linkdn etc. Used to use Jift but they taken down the
    app so I left wondering since some app can only post to 2 social networks
    but usually missing G+. Please help. Thanks

  • James Blair says:

    Hi Jayce,
    Is it possible to put T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling onto an unlocked phone?
    Preferably without rooting, but if I have to it’s fine. I was thinking
    about a Moto G but it doesn’t have this feature, and if I could put it on,
    it would make my decision a lot easier.

  • Rodrigo Heredia says:

    Jayce do you think it worth changing my nexus 7 FHD by a galaxy tab 8.4
    pro? Thx, you rock

  • Israel Berrios says:

    Can you recommend a Nice not flip cover case for the HTC One please that
    keeps the phone as this as posible but also protect the corners

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