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There are several apps that offer some of the features found in Cerberus, but this app seems to offer the most especially for an only one time fee! Some of t…

25 Responses to “Cerberus Anti Theft – Android App Review – Best Security for Lost or Stolen Phone”

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    There are safe guards against that.

  • Minecraftnoob2 says:

    subbed because of this vid, thank you

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    Glad you found it helpful!

  • dhan dudas says:

    what happend if they change the simcard??

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    There is a feature to guard against that.

  • UK ADI says:

    It will email you the number of the new SIM card so you can still command it via SMS.

  • UK ADI says:

    If you have a rooted phone, you can install it so that it survives a factory reset. The only way to get rid of it will be to flash a new ROM on the phone.

  • UK ADI says:

    You will first locate the phone using the tracking features, then when you are close to the location then you set off the alarm to try and find it.

  • Muhamad Azree says:

    i lost my phone and already install plan B, but i dint get any email..

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    did you test it beforehand? I know a lot of people install it and forget about it – then when they lose their phone, they try to use it for the first time and then realize they didn’t set it all up right. Did you try tracking it and stuff through their website?

  • phillip simms says:

    is it free

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    The app is free, but you have to pay for the service. But it’s only a 1 time small fee unlike many other similar apps that charge you monthly.

  • Philip John Cervero says:

    now I know where you live. Imma go and take your phone!

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    My dog has been trained to guard my phone at all cost even over me! haha

  • michael john lim says:

    where do you send those sms commands? to your own number?

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    Yep. You basically text yourself from another #.

  • michael john lim says:

    I tried it but I just received the same text message that I have sent.

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    you might not have something set up correctly or you’re not sending the text messages in the right format.  See Cerberus website for exact wording of text messages to invoke actions.

  • mistercioppi says:

    Hey, just wanted to ask, I lost my phone and I succesfully downloaded cerberus on my phone from google play, ( it wasn’t installed before I lost it). I’d like to log on the site now that it’s installed but I wouldn’t know what password and log in to use, how do i continue from here? Thanks so much for your reply

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    Don’t think there’s a way to do that because you need to give the app Device Administrator privileges on your phone & log in on your phone. You could double check that with the Cerberus people but I’m pretty sure there’s no way to do it after the device is gone. Sorry.

  • Fahmii Yusof says:

    you sound like the guy from how to train your dragon

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    Haha – you are not the first person to say that. It must be true!

  • Umbra360 says:

    Bought this app yesterday! Its amazingly good!

    Can anyone, if they lost thier phone, tell me if this helped you get it back? :)

  • Asfahan Kazi says:

    What if the thief changes the SIM card or if the phone is not connected to internet. How would cerberus be helpful in such situation?

  • hollywoodfrodo says:

    There are features to deal with those things. Without internet, you can text the phone and have it text you back a location (obviously, there must at least be a phone signal for this to happen) or wipe the phone or several other commands. You can get alerts if your phone is used with an unauthorized SIM. Of course nothing beats just not losing your phone or let it get stolen, but this app is as good as it gets if that does happen.

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