synthroid long term effects The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact packs impressive top-end specs into a beautiful, comfortable 4.3-inch body. Hit play to check out our video…

25 Responses to “Check out the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: the best small Android phone around”

  • Bio Matrix says:

    If a 720p resolution on a 4.3″ screen is disappointing, you must be joking
    or really stupid!

  • GTS300Coupe says:

    best phone on the market imo… great pocket size, high end specs, amazing
    camera, waterproof, premium design…. Sony still make the best products.

  • Edgar Andres Garcia Hernandez says:

    … and THIS is a really good First Look video … not like those other
    laziest reviewers Brian Bennett and Eric Franklin.
    Good job Andrew.

  • HappyOfficalWheels says:

    I might get one…

  • Sylus Seven says:

    The first ever unbiased review from CNET 

  • Harish Bhukya says:

    Now Samsung would probably make a high end compact device.

  • iamterence77 says:

    hows the battery life? snapdragon 800 is quite a power hog, either they put
    a miracle of a battery in or put in some extremely aggressive throttling. 

  • Jun Hyeon Mun says:

    Is it just me? This phone looks laughably ugly compared to the iPhone

  • AKFBIcopX1 says:

    Well that’s something I would want along with my ps4 ps3 psp ps2 and ps1

  • Technoclastic says:

    This phone is the beast

  • Peter Smith says:

    How about a real compact. Such as 3.5″?

  • Mitchell Chapman says:

    Why can’t the front be white as well?

  • Wehiremonkeys says:

    Why do reviewers always complain about the 720p screen on this phone, they
    don’t complain about the I-phones screen and that isn’t even HD.

  • Solovino Juntoseva says:

    Any idea on weather it will be released on T-Mobile in the states? I would
    rather have this than the bulky Z1S. 



  • mesahusa says:

    No mentions of battery life. I’ll be surprised if this thing gets even 6
    hrs of life

  • mrlouization says:

    Sony running out of ideas need a new design language


  • Mike A. says:

    Is this out yet?

    Edited: Nevermind, not out yet.

  • Hussain Al-Alwan says:

    I will get this phone as soon as possible. I really love it :3 

  • joshua powell says:

    Damn phone looks like a sext bi*#h sitting at a bar waiting to show u a
    good night. I NEEDS!

  • Wilmer Badillo says:

    The phone that I’ve been waiting for!

  • Alex Fitzgerald says:

    The 720p screen save a lot! Of battery. Besides you can and won’t see the
    pixels with your eyes thanks to the 341ppi 

  • Young_Hov says:

    The HTC One is still better then this


  • bakkermaarten007 says:

    I was on the verge of buying an iPhone, simply because it used to be the
    only high-end smartphone without a ridiculously huge display that’d make me
    need to change the style of pants I wear (slim fits yes). Then I came
    across this. I love you Sony.

  • fidelr599 says:

    I love everything about it except the 720 resolution cause I know Sony has
    the technology to 4k why not make it 2k or 4k like the Samsung note 3 still
    a step behind some others follower not a leader yet….

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