synthroid long term effects MTK6575 High Speed Chipset; 1GHz CPU, 2GB ROM, 512MB RAM; Android 4.0.3 OS; 8.0MP Camera with Flashlight; 5 Inch Multi-Touch C…

15 Responses to “Dapeng A75 MTK6575 1GHz Android 4.0.3 BEST DUALSIM Phone ever ..”

  • cuoresporttivo says:

    Hello! This message is adressed to the owner of this posted video.I am
    about to buy this phone from China and maybe you can tell me something
    about the phone( qualitty, speed of the phone and most important how long
    is the autonomy of the battery). I heard that the battery has 2800
    mAh.Thank you!

  • ejunky66 says:

    hi yes you can buy the phone of us were also located in china price
    starting from 150USD depend on qty use time is about 10-20days standby

  • Nicolas Gomez says:

    Why your “return” key is not working as the other ones…. it is not

  • DapengPhone says:

  • ejunky66 says: buy from us direcly FOB china join partnership with us like ..! The dapeng starts from 130USD

  • Emily Zorpas says:

    Did you buy the phone? i couldnt help noticing your comment. Does it work
    well and does it play games like GTA and gangster rio?? Im thinking of
    getting one. Thanks

  • cuoresporttivo says:

    Yes. I bought the phone directly from China and i can say that was a good
    deal.The phone works quite well( my last phone was a Galaxy Nexus) and the
    battery is a charm. I didn’t play games like GTA but i think the processor
    it will manage. The only issue of this phone is that the phone is only dual
    sim standby not dual active. :( That means that if you are navigating on
    the web with one sim and someone is calling you on the other sim the phone
    won’t ring.The camera is about 4 megapixel but is ok

  • Ramon Bekkering says:

    heb deze telefoon in nederland gekocht bij en heb hem nu
    ongeveer 4 maanden en hij werkt perfect. ben er helemaal blij mee

  • A_A says:

    Could u talk

  • alfredo ruvalcaba says:

    occupy apology phone screen that you think you can tell me where I can
    consegir? traducctor google :/

  • wiimancool1 says:

    Hi, do you know where to buy a spare loudspeaker for this phone ? Because I
    damaged it trying to boost volume :S

  • Meryem Koyuncu says:

    is the front camera well as back one? :) please answer me

  • Yasemin Koyuncu says:

    should i buy ? do u advise ?

  • casadoseventos says:

    I have one since last September and it’s fantastic. It work real good and
    no problem reported since I have it. Great buy!

  • miky angel berumen says:

    hello I need the display of this phone is urgent or where I can get because
    I am from guadalajara mexico my email is

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