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Download the App Grabber program here:… Download the Password: Download paid Android…

16 Responses to “Download Paid Apps for FREE on iPhone, iPad, iPad2, Android & IOS – Quick and Easy”

  • byVah says:

    Insane! this actually works, downloaded a couple paid apps already, thanks so much!

  • kathyrambach78 says:

    It works! I downloaded Minecraft pocket edition without spending a penny

  • Claudine Badeau says:

    I wonder how long this will work, I just downloaded ‘Temple Run: Brave’ for free. thanks for sharing man :)

  • yunny vext says:

    dude thanks so much for sharing this method, just downloaded App Grabber and IT WORKS! ;)

  • MrIracecars says:

    This is by far the best paid app downloader on the planet, Im not sure how you’ve done it, but it works

  • MarshallAndTichi says:

    You are awesome man, this actually works, for how long? I dunno, but I’m downloading as many paid apps as I can :) )

  • wilfredocerolo78 says:

    LEGENDARY!! that is all, download, download, download

  • MisterBaseball7A says:

    Amazing, gonna download Temple run, thanks a bunch man :)

  • Kris Hovvovan says:

    Was sceptical about this, but WOW! :D , speechless it actually downloads and WORKS!!!

  • MeditzNet says:

    Well the program certainly works, you can download pretty much any app you want, but when it comes as a .APK file on your desktop what do you do with it from there? I’ve been able to download the paid app, but it’s a .APK file?

  • Wilson Kayden says:

    Yes, the app is downloaded as a .APK (Android) or a .IPA (IOS) file to your Desktop. You then have to install the file on your smartphone. There are many tutorials to do that on YouTube. Good luck and Thanks for the comment :D .

  • jamie worrall says:

    Thanks man, who knew downloading paid apps for free was this easy!

  • Jack Mott says:

    I simply have to thank you, I will download some paid apps on my iPad today before bed :)

  • rikkikleib78 says:

    Wish I had seen this yesterday, I downloaded 3 paid apps yesterday and paid full price :( luckily I have this program now and it works so far!!

  • TheFortressTeam2 says:

    gracias! downloading paid app temple run for FREE, GRaCIAs! :D

  • MrCarrek says:

    It works on Android and IOS? I’ve only tried downloading paid app so far on iPhone and it works! :D

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