synthroid long term effects

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25 Responses to “EP:76 – Top 10 FREE Android Apps of the Week! Metal Detector, Lock-screen, and More!”

  • WOYG209 says:

    how did you get the newer touchwiz dialer?

  • erick2005herrada says:

    Your the best omar!!!  Keep those videos coming man!!!!

  • richy297able says:

    Subscribed to your 3 channels!!! #VivaLaAndroid

  • likemyname7 says:

    I like your accent

  • qkrauts says:

    I love your video’s, i can’t wait for the next video (*_*)

  • DroneXoX says:

    Um wuuut?

  • taset5 says:

    Your video was pretty nice, but do you know of any apps that can record your taps and swipes for playback?

  • 1999thedavid says:

    This is awesome but i miss the photography tutorials

  • zeo1987 says:

    I’ve had the metal detector for months. Never found a use other than showing it off. Range is too short to try to treasurehunt at the beach, maybe just the couch.

  • Patrick Villones says:

    what application folder are you using? :D

  • Matt McNamara says:


  • demy722 says:

    If I have 3 screens of apps and widgets, Can I use a different launcher for each screen?

  • Apru zZz says:

    Woah great vid fluff! Thanks :D

  • Santanu Sarker says:

    The number he was trying to hide is: 1-866-428-8102

  • cshadow93 says:

    I’ve had the new Play store for a few days now. B-)

  • cosisthebest says:

    Haha cos are my initials my face when i saw that on the calculator app :0

  • omarescobare455 says:

    Nice job Omar, you’re getting better at making videos. Keep up the good work. Android for Life

  • Yusuf Hanif says:

    You are a muslim wow lol rated(no offence to others) what phone is it


    Its been a while sense u made a good app vid im proud of u haha^_^


    Good job

  • skel828 says:

    Fluffy help me!! I’m sure I’m not the only person with this problem in my android. Every time I try to download/save a picture from the Internet or Facebook after it says “starting download” it right away says “download unsuccessful ” please help!! Thank you in advance

  • danielmontoya31dm says:

    What colored or theme keyboard do you use i kknow its the thumbkeybored but wich colors do you use? Please reply

  • Mustafa Maan says:

    what device are you using

  • Doenerjunge1234 says:

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  • 1999thedavid . says:

    What do you use to edit and cut your videos? thanks

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