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The Android interface has been updated countless times since the platform first launched in 2008. Matias Duarte has put his personal touch on Android in the …

24 Responses to “Five Apps That Make the Android Interface More Modern”

  • ApkPwn says:

    apkpwn(.)com Get the latest .apk files for your android device!! Games/Rooted Apps/Utilities

  • 16coreprocessor23 says:

    what was that graph thing on your notification bar? Does anyone know? :)

  • Nicholas Samaroo says:

    Next Launcher ! :D

  • stutzer raj says:

    Can u please tell your mobile phone

  • Varun Paul says:

    Awesome presentation!

  • exiledfrommyself says:

    It’s the Nexus 4.

  • stutzer raj says:

    Thanks dude

  • kavilhas1 says:

    This is why Android is the best mobile OS. It is remarkably polished, funtional, and easy to use by itself besides being amazingly well integrated with all of Googles brilliant services, but the best part of it is: if you don’t like it, you can change it. You can do ANYTHING with Android. Want to customize your iphone? Buy a colorful case. Want to customise Android?… Do whatever the hell you want.

  • Brandon Jones says:

    I tried “glove box,” but then i found “pie control” by coolace and like it better

  • TheJdecka says:

    This video is about android and how to make it more modern. Exactly when did he mention the iPhone?? Or Apple??

  • Saptaswa Charan Rakshit says:

    to speak the truth i like the UI of android as it is. thought i do not use the stock android. i like the samsung touchwiz ui

  • Yash Gera says:

    From where do u get all dose android goodies..?!!

  • Geekopinoy says:

    Yeah, I can barely identify iPhone 5 to 4,3,2,1 lol

  • MLFrenks says:

    And still is one of the most populair ever!

  • Andrew Doyle says:

    These are all off the Google Play store (Market). It takes a while to find the good ones, you can spend days downloading apps and going through multiple crap ones before hitting a good one – this is one of the weaknesses of the Play Store, the clutter.

  • Haritidis Kristos says:

    My opinion of apple changed after i bought the htc one and found out how much ways i can mod my phone!
    Goodbye apple for ever for smartphones!

  • Se7enAte says:

    Honestly I am a complete fanboy of Android and I normally will argue with anybody down-talking it, but you have a great point here and I completely agree. But sometimes those apps that aren’t good for anything have a great idea behind it and a better dev will later on pick up on the project making it something remarkable. Facebook is a great example, not the app but the concept itself

  • Ivan Chiang says:

    It doesn’t, but what is wrong with talking about a competing OS’es UI when it is in fact a video about UI?

  • aqdas alibady says:

    what phone dose he use ?
    please answer me when u can

  • Brandon Ordonez says:

    Lg nexus 4
    it’s from google actually!

  • MA10Station says:

    can i download it on my Galaxy S4 ?

  • Paulo Oliveira says:

    A nexus 4 From LG

  • Austin Ouellette says:

    exactly, back when i had an iPhone and got bored of it so i jail broke it but i still couldn’t do what i wanted so this happened to be the day of a huge announcement form Google the nexus 4 so i bought it and am never going back…

  • iQopyright says:

    Ermmm what background is he using?

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