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Five on Friday: Top Android phones (April 2013) In this Five on Friday segment, I’m talking about my favorite Android smartphones. The pace of Android is abs…

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  • BritcomsRule says:

    Oversized? Dude, it’s supposed to be large, FFS. It’s like saying HTC One or S4 are oversized compared to a lot of <4.5''ers too. People actually buy it for it's large screen size.

    As for plastic – what bothers me is the design, not the material. I prefer plastic, but the design is pretty poor aesthetically unlike Lumia or Xperia Z. That said, I put a case on my Phone, and I'd assume most people would do as well – so a moot point, relatively speaking.

  • fabio duarte says:

  • hamza ibnelfais says:

    yeah krillin :3

  • asadh219 says:

    Note 2 will get android 5.0 and the softwares of s4 so it will be awsome to see some features from s4 on note :)

  • ImYooPii says:

    Sony Xperia SP or Huawei Ascend P2 ?

  • AkaYukiChan says:

    thnkz for ur advice, I do lik the speakers on the HTC1. hv a great day =)

  • AkaYukiChan says:

    I was actually thinking of getting the note 2 but I heard the the note 3 in coming out either at the end of the year or beginning of next year. so I wanted to get it then lol. thankz for the advice I appreciate it =)

  • Derek Zientara says:

    NEXUS 4!!!!!

  • Maria Rodriguez says:

    yay my phone made #1!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Sandoval says:

    why does the motorola droid razr maxx hd get knocked?

  • ZimpanX says:

    My favorites out right now

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note II

    2. HTC One

    3. Samsung Galaxy S4

    4. LG Nexus 4

    5. Oppo Find 5

  • Emma Ryan says:

    yes note 2 i was thinking of getting it but now am really sure am ganna get it

  • Jut Shanahan says:

    you REALLY need a new phone every six months? Love adding to the world’s e-junk?

  • icpboy92 says:

    I will never go with htc cuz of the shift was a bad phone it had big problems :/ unlocking phone with lines going down the screen!):0

  • tobias eriksen says:

    best is Samsung Galaxy Slll MINI

  • Sergio Huerta says:

    1 HTC one
    2Galaxy s 4
    3 Nexus 4
    4 Note 2
    5 Oppo find 5

  • Sergio Huerta says:

    Nexus 4 is the best overall
    Really high specs with really low price

  • Rohail Shah says:

    I agree completely with this list, and the Note 2 really takes it, it’s hard to notice at first but a week in with this device and EVERYBODY loves it. It’s a complete beast and at the same time it’s like the perfect companion. Even compared to the HTC One it seems more like downgrade to me than an upgrade.

  • Mohammed Raad says:

    :D I was writing quickly ..

  • Troyisbeast1 says:

    1. Galaxy S4
    2. Galaxy Note 2
    3. HTC One
    4. Galaxy S3
    5. HTC DNA

  • MRdynok1d says:

    I was dirty minded when you said stuff like it feels great in the hand and the black one is great etc.

  • Hudson Hawk says:

    You are an idiot.

  • Alfonso Peña says:

    I think you have a galaxy s2 haha because i’m watching the galaxy s2 box right behind you

  • Paul Njeru says:

    This guy gat BASS!!
    Its like he was a back up singer for Barry White.Nice vid though.

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