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Android Q&A – Join Jayce as he discusses fleixble displays, what is the best mid range android phone and tips on how to properly charge your Android phone! S…

25 Responses to “Flexible Displays , Best Mid Range Android Phone , Galaxy S4 Problems, Battery Charging Tips”

  • Gavin Andrades says:

    Thought it was just the back that “healed” itself?

  • ron joshua says:

    i like him, PROTEST ON MORE VIDS OF HIM.

  • Enrico Maria Dal Compare says:

    Wait galaxy round is not flexible, it’s just curved

  • Matt Panneton says:

    My upgrade is in January with Verizon and I was wondering if the Droid Maxx
    would be a good phone to go with, is it a good choice? P.S. I am not a fan
    of Samsung devices due to touchwiz

  • Luke Woods says:

    Funny, interesting and informative, what more could you want :-)

  • Thomas Yohannes says:

    Hello i live in saudi arabia and i have the samsung galaxy s4, my question
    is when is the android 4.3 coming out here every time i try to update it,
    it says that i have the latest update.

  • Filip Pesic says:

    That was hilarious, I like your sense of humor.. :)

  • Android Authority says:

    *Android Q&A – Flexible Displays , Best Mid Range Android Phone , Galaxy S4
    Problems, Battery Charging Tips*

  • Ibrahim Manzoor says:

    Does the nexus 5 has thermal throttling ? If so how much and can you
    compare it with other snapdragon 800 devices. Thanks

  • Lance Lindle Lee says:

    at around 1:45 I just wanted him to stop talking nonsense and move on to
    the next question. Information is good though.

  • Jonathan Engelbart says:

    I could be wrong, but I remember reading that the back of the lg G flex is
    what can heal itself, not the display

  • Arjit Mehra says:

    So great video ! You are amazing man!! :D Love your style of video! ;)

  • Omer Khan says:

    I don’t like the white background but your videos are actually very cool

  • Parakram Basnet says:

    I love watching him talk lol :D …its entertaining and educative :D

  • AIMAN HAIKAL says:

    Do you think that the gs3 will have a update to android 4.4??tq

  • Viktor Nenov says:

    Nice! I just got an iTunes card code for FREE! :D

  • Martin Hernandez says:

    Great videos Mr.
    My question : Do all radios work on the Nexus 4 after flashing Paranoid
    Android with Kit Kat?

  • Jamal Koiyess says:

    Dear John, I want a new phone ( I actually have a GS3) do I get the G2 that
    I dont like the look or the nexus 5 but the camera is not that much good or
    the samsung galaxy round or note 3 … and finally do you expect the GS5 to
    be released on January 2014 ?? Thanks

  • nivlaxtended says:

    hmm should i go for lg g2′s international version with battery capacity of
    3000mah or should i spend a little bit more on korean version that has a
    micro sd card slot but a poor battery at 2100 something? how does that
    capacity last? will 2100mah something be enough to use?

  • Suren Suntharalingam says:

    I’m thinking of buying a nexus tablet, which one would you recommend the
    nexus 7 (the old one) or the new nexus 7 ?

  • Pavan Kumar says:

    Flexible display.
    Curved display.

  • mohammad lal says:

    Thanks God you are now in android Authority

  • Kurosaki Marki says:

    THANKS Jayce For The Battery Info. :) ))

  • Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado says:

    I use QuickPic as my default gallery. Much faster than the TouchWiz one.

  • jose ulloa says:

    Galaxy round is a curved display not a flexible display

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