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My demo of gaming on the iPhone 5! iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Speed Test: iPhone 5 Review: Facebook http:/…

25 Responses to “Gaming on the iPhone 5”

  • MrSKingma says:

    Hey look u can play games on a Apple product!

  • monkeydude106 says:

    Fuck android I don’t like them anymore LOL not even kidding right now im dead fucking serious.

  • Unicorn1231997 says:

    It has iCloud

  • osito H A says:

    iPhone 5 can hold upto 64GB

  • Kira Yamato says:

    right now samsung is banging iphone so bad :(

  • Ethan Earley says:

    I have the s3 and am starting to regret that 2 yr contract

  • Ethan Earley says:

    is there a way i can sell my sIII on ebay for full retail price ( its on a verizon 2 yr contract and put the money towards an iPhone 5 on ebay for full retail. or am i stuck with the s3 for 2 years

  • multiverse94 says:

    does anyone elses iphone 5 heat up when playing on games?

  • FatalPivotStrike says:

    How come you want to sell your S3? I’m no fanboy I just want to help you make the best decisions with your phone. What’s wrong with it ?

  • FatalPivotStrike says:

    Why would they lag more if the S3 has a better processor ?

  • Asaf6Sofer says:

    Ty very much for this video

  • pspdsRobin2 says:

    It just does. Android is built faulty from the ground (stated from a developer) when it comes to graphics. You can easily see this for yourself with the laggy menu’s and OS animations, aswell as the speedtest from the same uploader as this video.

  • FatalPivotStrike says:

    Well I have the S3 with all those games and none of them lag…. I could see why it might lag a little considering that there are so features android have by default and stuff running in the background will iOS is very VERY simple.

  • xXHere2KickUrAssXx says:

    Apple apps are designed for apple phones were as Android apps are built for any android phone sort of like a pc where if you have a shit phone you lag or if you have a good phone you don’t unlike apple apps don’t lag because they are BUILT for them to work without lagg

  • AI2I20WZ says:

    Have your iPhone’s screen lag by swiping up and down rapidly?

  • xBl4ckH4wk says:

    Mine craft in Android is way better than mine craft on iOS

  • Tapal Kuda says:

    I just got iphone5 yesterday. The things with gaming on Android some games app like max payne on android actually not compatible with galaxy s3, better processor dont mean shit if u cant play it, fragmentation issue is real on droid meanwhile develop er creating some apps on ios first

  • Kuikli2 says:

    Let’s see, why?

  • GenisisPredator says:

    Can’t wait to get the next gen iPhone when my upgrade comes in November! Have to live with the 4S until then

  • MichiganTechReviewer says:

    Horn is definitely a great game. Love wild blood too

  • Pj T says:

    Wtf that racing game that details for phone man,iphone 5 is realy great phone for games!!!!!!!!

  • nicholas chalau says:

  • hadi sibassi says:

    Hes Awesome with tech (subscribed) but bad gamer lol

  • TECGaming360 says:

    On minecraft pe I use the crosshairs much easier!!!

  • QuiverGame says:

    Check out Quiver Quest in the iTunes store

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