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Get paid android apps FREE. Follow steps in video or use this link No root is required. Please leave comments and/or questions below…

25 Responses to “Get Paid Apps FREE (ANDROID) using Snappzmarket.”

  • PATATJExLOVE says:

    Hell yeah F.B.I Cet You>.<

  • Med T'rc says:

    Best Way To Download For Free From 4shared . com !! put the name Of the game and Apk Like This : Gravity Gay apk … And That’s It !! Thumb Up If You Agree :) )

  • Darius Roberts says:

    this website has been shutdown by the FBI!!!

  • sathya narayanan says:

    f their ass holes FBI
    fuckers whats their problem?

  • Pradipta Gitaya says:

    FVCK the site has been blocked by FBI!

  • trang nguyen says:

    so what we gonna do now if we want free apps? can anyone tell me? please?nothing? :(

  • Theysayimepic says:

    Rip megaupload
    Rip snappzmarket
    Rip 4shared
    Rip blackmart
    Rip apotide

  • austinmize1 says: is still going. The FBI hasn’t got it yet.

  • mutateddumbell says:

    FBI are a bunch of fuckin jerk offs

  • LegoGuy602 says:


  • yintenroy says:

    Maybe if pol dysentery try to use these sites to share child porn

  • Optiplex321 says:

    Shut up, you idiot? Do you wan’t to get that one deleted too?

  • TheLifeOfAlvinLowery says:

    going to 4share and put in what app you want, and make sure its in apk file and also make sure you have your phone set on unknownsource

  • KillerrAnimalz says:

    Check out my channel for Free android apps, NO ROOT! 100% free

  • ThefrypodiPod says:

    You see my blackmart video?

  • TefkrosAirliner says:

    i used to have blackmart but its app collection isn’t very nig, i download the apps from piratebay or apktop now from my pc and sent them to my Xperia, do u know any better way bro? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  • TefkrosAirliner says:

    NOW R.I.P App Planet top :( ((

  • TefkrosAirliner says:

    thanks god the pirate bay will still there for many years. is European the ***** FBI has NO PERMISSION EVEN TO TOUCH THEIR SITE!!

  • Atharva Vaidya says:

    On iOS :- Go to tinyurl(dot)com/frslots from your iOS device to get paid apps for free and also get iTunes and amazon gift cards !! The grand prizes are iPod Touch 5G, iPad Mini and iPad 4th Gen

  • minecraftdude121back says:

    4sharded and aptoide are still up.
    I dont know about blackmart

  • OneHpHero says:


  • 360Xfox says:

    whats next, they close blackmart? il die if they do so. btw, great tips for a good app, download swiftkey 3 keyboard, freaking awesome, it like saves words on facebook, so u can click them to type fast, and u can set themes and stuff, its awesome :P btw dont try to download black ops zombies, it doesnt work, im talking about blackmart now btw.

  • IsS127 says:

    lol lol fbi have it

  • beastofhell clan says:

    fbi stands for fucking bicthes inc. sorry for the bad words it just the truth give me a thumds up

  • timtimmerson says:

    For full paid apps for free visit this site.
    very easy to download and no confusing ads to get you off track.

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