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The great iOS mobile games just keep on coming. Here are some fun games I have been playing lately! More MetalJesusRocks: Subscribe!…

24 Responses to “Great iOS Games (iPhone/iPad)”

  • MetalJesusRocks says:

    I downloaded Tiny Wings and played it to death when it first came out. A classic

  • MetalJesusRocks says:

    For a moment, I read that as Goatse 2… which made my testicle retract in fear. But then I re-read it and was relieved.

  • Cocomoejoe98 says:

    Minecraft pocket edition

  • MrBacchus18 . says:

    I’ve got dozens of games on my Iphone and in all honesty don’t play them much. I just prefer playing games with buttons and a proper d-pad or analog stick.

  • FadedHitman says:

    anyone looking for a great game on the iOS, check out planetarian. technically speaking it is a game, and regardless of that, it is a great creative work. check it out if you have any interest in great stories

  • sgauntt says:

    Great channel. Keep it up.

  • vmfhavok says:

    Slay’n is an Amazing iOS game! .99cents…you should definitely check it out.

  • Marcel El Assadi says:

    Chaos Rings is still a stunning title in my opinion

  • MetalJesusRocks says:

    I agree! I really enjoyed that RPG

  • stephen mcphillips says:

    I’ve been playing dodonpachi which is awesome, I’m just getting into the shooter genre and jet pack joyride which you recomended on one of your previous videos. Great channel dude

  • amb3Rly11 says:

    Lili for ios is a great experience.

  • ApenBaard says:

    assault squadron is a really great ios shmup, its only on iphone/ipod but its really interesting because it constantly makes you switch between holding the screen horizontally and vertically. it also still looks great for a non retina game

  • Sam Baik says:

    Hi can you do some fun ios games please

  • Robert reid says:

    Check out ninja fishing it’s better

  • xxkomebackkidxx says:

    I got my ipad a few weeks ago and have been watching these series of videos on great games to pick up. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Crakling says:

    I would like to recommend two game for you Metal Jesus, First of all Mutant Mudds, a Awesome “8-bit” platformer proberly the best one for iOS!
    Second “Pen and Paper” a game which RPG with pen N paper is the main objective. you play as the group doing various of Quests! :)

  • joeymaster4 . says:

    I have to ask have you ever heard about a japanese game called Lisa³Again? When i search for it i only find japanese sites even the wikipedia page D:

  • groms0909 says:

    Nice episode (like always). I wrote down several of those games that looked interesting.  You do a great job of putting out a fun and interesting channel. Thanks!

  • animegamer66 says:

    how do you record the screen for the ipad

  • pinsandneedlesgames says:

    You should try CSR Racing. It’s a street drag racing game with simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay, not to mention some of the best graphics I have ever seen on an iOS device

  • Wolf Hunter says:


  • brodi81 says:

    I couldn’t get in to it. Felt like a waste of money to me.

  • YouNoob567 says:

    Some favorite for iPad is like PLAGUE.INC,,,KNIGHTS AND DRAGONS. EPOCH,,,, also BATTLESHIP CRAFT are my most favorite iPad games please check out!!!

  • Lorenzo Mella says:

    Retro Racing (overhead racing game) and Fairune (a VERY short tribute to the likes of Zelda and Ys) are pretty cool!

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