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ROOT REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steps of getting Free In App Purchases. 1 – Go To Play Store And Install 4 Shared. 2 – Open 4 Shared And Search Freedom.apk And Pr…

13 Responses to “How To Get Free In App Purchases For Android (ROOT NEEDED) (READ DESCRIPTION)”

  • VinceTribal says:

    When is clicked ninja saga it didn’t it said not supporte

  • Shahzeb Humayun says:

    freedom only hacks the game which download from google play store or 4Shared not from other markets

  • I DuhSMexy says:

    WTF why you respond to me when he said it to you fucking noob.

  • VinceTribal says:

    Dude I downloaded ninja saga v0.9.5 from Playstore but it would download

  • VinceTribal says:

    I meant it work work it is not supported it sai

  • Theophilus Frimpong says:

    Hey guys this works but in order for it to do so you need to change your timezone to Moscow since this app is not allowed in many countries. Also, if you have the new playstore that looks green and white this won’t work because i was made for the one before.

  • Theophilus Frimpong says:

    It won’t work for games downloaded outside the market because the play store can tell if it’s unofficial and since in app purchases come from the market it has to be official to do this because if the store won’t let you make purchases in the first place then freedom cannot hack the market place in the first place.

  • Theophilus Frimpong says:

    Forget my previous comment about it not supporting the new play store because version 0.8.5 was released which supports the new play store

  • Nick Gable says:

    Umm… You might like this… Since your device is rooted you can download the sceen recorder screencast from 4shared. I useit!

  • Jonathan Kunkle says:

    Talk right

  • Jonathan Kunkle says:

    It wont work in my country really wow

  • MasterPokemon649 says:

    that was terrible! Who taught you to insult people!

  • Brandon Kocur says:

    You have to set your time zone to moscow

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