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This is a New way to get free games for your android phone or tablet follow my step by step instructions and will be getting games that normally cost money f…

16 Responses to “How to get Paid apps/games for free on android **NEW**”

  • cr3077cr says:

    thanks bro

  • VideosGames101 says:

    your welcome :)

  • gabe12713 says:

    Dus this work for runescape

  • King Waxit says:

    helped me alot thanks

  • sherylsmateo says:


  • Destiny Williams says:

    it wont let me play it shuts off when I click to play

  • tommyhole1 says:

    after i downloaded bloons tower defense 5 it start checking if i have expansion files but it takes forever to download and the it stays at 0% all the time

  • warlordiseppi says:


  • yo yo rohan patel says:

    Can i able to download bloon tower defence5?? PLEase reply it thanks

  • kingcamaro5 says:

    Download the app get paid apps free and use invite code 443905. Get up to three paid apps every single day

  • adam98371 says:

    modern combat doesnt work :(

  • jenisly jensen says:

    FREE PAID GAMES! this work 100%. and its SAFE and legal!
    1. Open up Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod or android phone
    2. Enter -> ht tp://m.freemyapps.c o m/share/url/4e5df265 (without spaces).
    3. Follow the steps, download a sponser app and open it for 30 sec.
    4. after u downloaded the sponser app and opned it for 30sec u get credit
    5. then u get get paid app for free!
    feel free to ask me anything!
    EVRYONE need a chance to get paid free apps!
    more information on my channel :D

  • Kenneth Froblon says:

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  • Laura Servin says:

    What yew put athe end of your search again

  • TheSkulltastrophe says:

    LOOK THE VIDEO AGAIN, and what the fuck is wrong with your typing?

  • WaterfallRobertson says:

    Works perfectly. You’d think this would only be a feature if you rooted the device.

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