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You need a jailbroken device for this to work. **This works for 90% of apps. It doesn’t work for apps where the developers manually check each in-app purcha…

25 Responses to “How To Hack iPhone Games With Unlimited In App Purchases”

  • UhhDanger says:

    Will it work with clash of clans

  • MarleyB94 says:

    it made my email, safari, maps, calendar, and jailbreak app STOP WORKING. WTF

  • easyjet757 says:

    guys it works on ios 6 6.1.3 u just need to install the die cor plugin

  • Frances Curiel says:

    Brah it crashes

  • ali alomari says:

    Download iap free 3.3

  • TheCityBBQ says:


  • qlSHOOTERlp says:

    It doesn’t work with me

  • Daman Ghuman says:

    waste of time.  it crashes the game

  • Samuel Hochmann says:

    It wan’t work

  • zaid Teran says:

    It doesn’t work

  • ixKalSanGxi says:

    iAP Cracker won’t work anymore, try Localiapstore instead. Search for it on Cydia. If you can’t find it, try adding one of these sources (I have all these sources and they all have LocaliApstore): repo(.)biteyourapple(.)net – repo(.)hackyouriphone(.)org – iHacksRepo(.)com

  • MaRzMellowMagiC says:

    Clash of clans hack… things needed. jailbroken idevice. imodgame cydia.imodgame.(net/). open imodgame and click any game you want to hack, enable it. to get mod points, open account Scroll down to Say thanks to inviter.Fill in this ID: 91303

  • AllodsJinjer says:

    download appcake –

  • holacom363 says:

    Iap cracker is gay use localiap

  • ixKalSanGxi says:

    I did once…and was utterly disappointed it. Now I’m currently using VShare (from Cydia), MonsterApps, and a few other legit apps to get free games. In the end though, VShare still sucks and nothing will ever be as awesome or great and perfect as Installous was. :(

    But what I was originally talking about, LocaliApstore, is for getting things for free within certain games (won’t work for MMO games).

  • CrystalPictureEdits says:

    Hey man does it work with car town also i try it and it would crash ? Plz help asap

  • Mike God says:

    GO to featurepoints. C0m for itunes and google play and amazon and paypal money
    Type this code in when signing up — “4ND4IQ” It will give you an $80 dollar starting bonus!!!!!!
    OMG its so awesome!!

  • Jad Sammour says:

    it works on gameloft games 100% ?????

  • Dylan Hardy says:

    make 1 that works on clash of clans

  • George Smith says:

    Make one for clash of clans please

  • Zeb Lipa says:

    can you do one for carnival coin slots… pleaseee

  • Arvid Eriksson says:

    will it work on the respawnebales

  • Blindspot932 says:

    Will this work for my ipod 5th gen, v6.1.2 i havent updated it in a while and don’t plan to

  • PrivacyKingdoms says:

    IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR APPS TO CRASH DOWNGRADE TO iOS 5. I know its a little extra work but i guarantee you it will fix the crashes.

  • Nicholas Mitrovich says:

    thx 4 the tutorial

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