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25 Responses to “How to hack iphone/ipod/ipad games that iap cracker can’t hack it (jailbroken devices)”

  • Shebomegamusic says:

    firstly u must enter any game like flight control or subway surfer and enter any play the game when u have some coins or score like (965 coin or 25873) pause the game then open gameplayer select your game then put the numbers of your coins that u gain during the game put the coins in the search bar u will see dwb or dw beside it your coins press it and change it to the number u want then press ok after that re open the game from multitask and continue playing . if u need any thing just inbox me

  • Shebomegamusic says:

    And play*

  • DutchUFOSpotter says:


  • omer neama says:

    i cant use it with slotomania . do u know hot to hack slotomania?

  • Shebomegamusic says:

    i will try to hack it

  • you8680 says:

    my gameplayer icon is just white… what do I do?

  • Shebomegamusic says:

    Try to install springtomize 2 from Cydia when u install it open it up
    Then press
    —>Reload—>Reload settings
    If this method doesn’t work try to uninstall game player then install it from
    The new repo in the description

  • you8680 says:

    sry for asking again…but how do I uninstall things on Cydia?

  • Shebomegamusic says:

    Open up cydia then search and search for the application u what to uninstall and choose the green tick beside the application u intalled that u want to uninstall then press modify uninstall

  • jasonwills1990 says:

    hey how u doing.. well i need ur help… see, i love( modern war and every game that comes from them).. do u have a hack for that.. i tried ur hack with gameplayer but its not working.. can u help… oh, 1 more game if u please….. guardian cross thats a great one.. i was trying to get some coin and tied and look every where no help.. so can u..

  • therryous says:

    im using IAPFree and install all plugin and using gameplayer to

  • darkey1231 says:

    can u please help me how to hack fun run or at least post a video on how to hack it cuz I did the same steps in the video and it didn’t work :/

  • darkey1231 says:

    right now I tried to do it with the same steps it says no network trying to reconnect I tried clicking the store the quick play the friends play option it says no internet trying to reconnect but when I play practice and won the game and then I went to the store and it connects but the money is still the same

  • Jabril Muhammad says:

    How do i dowload gameplayer for my ipad?

  • ertyui010 says:

    THANKS MAN!!!! Helps a lot!!!

  • MaRzMellowMagiC says:

    Clash of clans hack… things needed. jailbroken idevice. imodgame cydia.imodgame.(net/). open imodgame and click any game you want to hack, enable it. to get mod points, open account Scroll down to Say thanks to inviter.Fill in this ID: 91303

  • COOLMAN2741 says:

    what do i put at the gameplayer seach number

  • tonny Nguyen says:

    can you hack Monster Paradise game

  • Yusef shashaa says:

    can we hack fun run ?

  • Daujivxu says:

    2013 New Hacked facebook >> 100% realy works

  • John Smith says:

    It worked thanks

  • FabolousVA1 says:

    Please make one on Celtic heroes

  • peaceout11100 says:

    does it work on a game call ‘Clash Of Clans?’

  • jonathan2001m says:

    It doesn’t work on text me

  • amar sadiq says:

    It doesn’t work on tiny monster..

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