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Watch Jay build a mobile app for iPhone, Android & HTML5 Smartphones – from end-to-end in about 25 minutes using the Infinite Monkeys drag-and-drop mobile ap…

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  • InfiniteMonkeysVideo says:

    Most of our customers told us that getting Push Notifications just pissed them off, and there’s a lot of possibility for them to be abused. So, we have compromised by allowing our app publishers to send (free) messages to their users WITHIN the apps anytime. The apps check for a new message every time they start.

    That way you can communicate with your users without annoying them.

  • InfiniteMonkeysVideo says:


  • InfiniteMonkeysVideo says:

    Actually, if you’re using your app as a business and you want to charge for it in the markets, then we offer a one-time $99 fee version, where we build the app and give you the code.

    You can then publish it wherever you like, and charge whatever you want for it.

    But, the thing is, that you have to sign up for your own developer accounts with Google / Apple so they have your PayPal / Bank details to send you the money. We don’t touch any of that and you keep 100% of whatever you make.

  • Timothy Boyd says:

    How can I contact you to pay you to develop me an app?

  • tamara roker says:

    Hey infinitemonkey can u please email me I need u to create an app for me lets talk business

  • Kevin Balderson says:

    if a create an app.
    how can my friends download it

  • Cool Logic says:

    after a free app is created can the creator at any time pay the $499 to gain rights to the ad profits?

  • AntFantasy says:

    Soooo basically, its not free at all and ive just lost half an hour of meh life watching this video lol dammmm.

  • GangsterSedGaming says:

    dude u r awesome

  • vjblue1 says:

    you can help me , how to know the coding for ordering food menu with java android?? i really need it fast..thank’s

  • tshepo choma says:

    As soon as I list up my potential clients i will definitely encourage them on this service!

  • Janice O'Brien says:

    great explanation thank you so much

  • Gavin Abeele says:

    Can you make money off of it? using this program after it published? 

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Thanks Janice. Good luck building your mobile app, let us know if you need any help!

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Gavin, Lot’s of people do. Using the app to drive/increase their existing business, or selecting our “Self-Publish” option which let’s you charge for your apps and keep 100% of the sales.

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Hi VJ. We include Menus and OpenTable within our restaurant apps, and you don’t have to know any coding. Maybe try building one at and if you need any assistance just click on “HELP” and our customer support team can walk you through it (in English or Hindi)

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Dude, you so gangsta!

    Built your app yet? That would be sweet.

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    AntFantasy – Not sure why you think that – it definitely is free. There are thousands of people every month who make a mobile app and publish it for free through our online app maker platform.

    The free version gets you all of our functions (nothing limited or excluded) + the HTML5 mobile website + Native Android App in our Monkey Market.

    The $9 / month paid plan just removes the ads and gets your app published to the premium markets.

    Don’t worry, you haven’t wasted your time!

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Cool – No, nobody can pay $499 anymore because we slashed the price to just $99!

    …and yes, you can do that anytime. :-)

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Once you publish your app, we’ll give you a vanity URL of your choice for it, plus a free QR code that you could put on a window sticker on that sweet Dodge truck of yours…

    Plus… if you go for the paid subscription ($9/month) then your app will be discoverable in the premium markets for anyone who searches Google too.

  • InfiniteMonkeysLLC says:

    Sorry Tamara, or Johnny…

    We can’t create an app for you, our platform lets you do it yourself for free and without having to learn how to code.

    Give it a try at!

  • cheezh221 says:

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  • Joseph Widowski says:

    that’s right, this is really fantastic. and i can tell u, i get sent a list of high paying surveys every few days and easy make around $60 off each list. you can get it from here:\1b0matZ

  • MineShow9000 says:

    So once I make an app does it have to be free or can I charge people for it without paying and if I don’t pay would it still go to apple and other major appatores

  • KOAreckoningmaster says:

    Hello monkeys can I make a game? Not a hard like fps, I just want to make a choice making game. Is there a possible way to do this

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