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My experience in making my first iphone game. I have profited 45 so far in 1 week. Amazing numbers! Thanks to all the research and hard work done the past…

24 Responses to “How to Make an Iphone Game or App and make MONEY. Step by Step Tutorial”

  • MrDcBlitz says:

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  • Pellber says:

    Hey man, try and make a 2D pixelated game where ur in a city and u can do
    wat ever u want ex. Steal or bye planes, go to strip clubs, buy cars, buy
    grotries, and buy a house…basicly u can do wat ever u want, if u do, il
    bye it, i luv open world games, 2d or 3d i dont car i luv them

  • Pellber says:

    Plz hook me up with dat

  • Walter Sunga says:

    I emailed you a copy of the receipt about a month but did not receive the
    pdf. do you need me to send it again?

  • jahanarakot says:

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  • Gaurav Bhattarai says:

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  • lolzbottles says:

    Time to make a free RPG game!

  • shree raj Poudel says:

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  • Joseph Styers says:

    What is the one website?

  • Jorge Celaya says:

    Well did it work

  • bloodsport9090 says:

    hello lemal i have are a question for you.who programs is good for
    this.gamesald,stencyl,corona,shiva,blender,or unity.sorry for my english

  • Said Alkharusi says:

    Well, first of all, not everyone likes programming. Secondly, he got his
    money back in 4-5 days. I think it’s a great way to create games for those
    who have great game ideas but don’t have the time to or don’t know how to
    create them. Question Iemal, or anyone who knows the answer: If you give
    others the idea you have, can’t they simply steal from you and earn tens of
    thousands of dollars instead of couple hundreds? Or is there a way to
    prevent that? Hope the answer doesn’t coast $0.99!

  • trackboi512 says:

    leverage means using the talents of other to reach your goal.

  • carl14281 says:

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  • sazan sht says:

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  • Aditya Kharel says:

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  • BeefGamesHD says:

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  • Michael Hodge says:

    or program your own game? its not hard.

  • Alex H says:

    how much money did you make in a month

  • Ania Smith says:

    got game idea for iphone developed already with graphics anyone interested
    in programming gig email me. 

  • Jaquan Williams says:

    Have a cool app u can download called app trailers u can get money or
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  • NoRa3ajeeba says:

    do you still check your emails?

  • Rawmen Noodlez says:

    A “Display Recorder” would be great. (Meaning an app that allows you to
    record what’s on your screen)

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