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I show you how to make your speaker on your android phone louder and clearer. Volume+ Download Link: P.S. You’re We…

24 Responses to “How To Make Your Speaker Louder On Your Android Phone”

  • machamina3 says:

    it doesnt work

  • mayaBabes8 says:

    what if your phone has no sound?

  • cappasjulio33 says:

    where you get your wallpaper from…

  • radyabagaskara says:

    my phone speaker is now lower

  • Tom Xander says:

    How the heck is your phone so responsive. I know it can be that responsive on a fresh install of Android JB but, after some time my phone just crawls! I dont really install that many apps. Mostly the most used social apps as well as 2 games and PowerAmp Pro and MX player! My phone freezes a lot when I use whatsapp or kik or even lags when taking contacts! Is there any way I can make it stay constantly in at least a good responsive way. Kernel changes? DC clearing? Roms(I’m using PA 3+)? HELP! :/

  • Brandon Rivera says:

    Depends what phone your using. Overclocking helps with performance. Wiping cache so helps and dalvik at times. Not running too many apps at one time as well helps. Mostly focus on how much RAM you are using. Also look up for a build.prop touchscreen enhancer or a mod that helps it too. I am on PA as well and it helps for me. But i have a nexus 4

  • wiimancool1 says:

    I damaged my speaker with another booster app XD but I will try this when I get a new speaker, it seems to work but my speaker quality is crop as it’s damaged XD.

  • Farhaan Arif says:

    Thanks this work I got a one x can any one tel me how to get beats to work on the phone speaker it only work when I put head phone in can any one help

  • HollisterManny says:

    do i download on phone or???

  • Anas shaltout says:

    thanks it works good on mu phone

  • Samarth Tandon says:

    it works!

  • Enes Bahadır Bektaş says:

    wats the app called

  • Samunya Shahi says:

    in my device galaxy ace it was not supported…

  • awesomeone35able says:


  • Christian Roaquin says:

    i cannot find the option volume level .

  • Tyler Kinney says:

    I could not find it

  • dieseldum2 says:

    Where is the website

  • XxSoCaLoReKxX says:

    in the discrepsion

  • Icarus Winky says:

    Thanks!! I luv u so much!

  • 0mcg82 says:

    Doesn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy s3

  • Joe Tong says:

    ya same here.. it doesn’t work on S3…

  • richard ramos says:

    How about camera? Can you raise the megapixels of the camera

  • Richard Wong says:

    Doesn’t work on nexus 7

  • hondaxl250k0 says:

    no go droidx

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