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Jayce answers your questions about how to record your own phone screen in video, his favourite Nexus 7 Case, and dealing notifications that refuse to work. R…

25 Responses to “How To Record Your Phone Screen, The Best Nexus 7 Case, and Fixing Android Notifications”

  • Android Authority says:

    In the latest Android Q&A, we talk about how to record your phone screen,
    how to fix notifications, the best Nexus 7 (2013) case, and more!

    Video by +Jayce Broda 

  • Jonty Gamao says:

    Hey +Jayce Broda
    How do you install custom ROMs?
    I’m a visual learner so I need to see how it’s done
    Thanks in advance :) 

  • David Lawman says:

    With Apple’s 64bits CPU, in a very near future, the phone will work as a
    true computer.

  • Wouter Trouwee says:

    How about suggesting a Chromebook?

  • Mitchell Theobald says:

    i have a plastic smart cover case for my 2012 nexus 7 and it is cracked
    from every corner, havent even dropped once, just from expansion. thank god
    for superglue!

  • Dave Perth says:

    Hi, youplayer for ios you can reply to individual comments

  • Dennis Fluttershy says:

    Can we tell Google to include “reply” in the official YouTube-app?

  • spacedog1973 says:

    SCR app I’ve found to be able to record android screen including on screen
    video which other recording apps can’t do. I think installing a rom just
    to record the screen isn’t the best answer here

  • Vegard Løknes says:

    Which of the new SoCs for mobile do you like the most? What is really most
    important GPU or CPU?

  • Shade Nightray says:

    I found easier to install Xposed framework and Gravity Box to enable
    recording, it worked perfectly 

  • The holy bananas says:

    Gravity Box using exposed installer also can be used to record your screen

  • Shelton Palha says:

    Hey I want to know if there is any app like I cloud for sync between two
    devices without root 

  • mixsignal91 says:

    Poetic slimline is the best case hands down for the nexus 7 conversation

  • Shobhit Mathur says:

    you can open youtube on Chrome… it even works on my nexus 4.. why not

  • ares ballester says:

    Hey Jayce, why is LG G2 have poor mid-low light performance? my old xperia
    s is way better. 

  • Tahmid Ali says:

    Hey Jayce, I was wondering if you have any solutions to my questions I
    asked you.

  • Peter Barnes says:

    +Jayce Broda Hey Jayce, how can I save space on my Nexus 4? Some apps seem
    to leave data behind even when I uninstall them. 

  • Vardy Moss says:

    Please please help is there a way to get auto awesome movie to any device
    running 4.3

  • Leandro Quibem Magnabosco says:

    You can record your screen by using a command from the shell called
    screenrecord, either via ADB or via terminal emulator.
    via adb it would be like:
    adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4
    later you can download the movie to your PC by:
    adb pull /sdcard/video.mp4

  • Christian BRIDGES says:

    Hey jayce- I cracked my nexus 7 (2013) and I was just wondering if you knew
    a good reliable place where I could get it fixed. Thanks!

  • Niklas Bauer says:

    Is it worth buying a galaxy tab pro 8.4 when it comes out or should I wait
    for a nexus 8 (hopefully google will make one soon) because the price of
    the tab pro is gonna be a lot more than a nexus device would cost? Do you
    think samsung will bring out a galaxy note pro 8.4? Thanks for your answer.

  • Haken Panoma says:

    Jairo Alonzo, the SIII is getting KitKat in March/April, and will probably
    be the last Android update it gets.

  • Ronaldo Anderson de Medeiros says:

    what is the best way to direct compare the performance of two smartphones
    with different OS??

    example: both android and iOS have 3Dmark (I think…). These results are
    “comparable” ??

    Thanks from Brazil

  • Vinay says:

    Will we ever get a stable “Facebook” app on android? 

  • Fifty50SHOWTIME says:

    Hi Jayce, great video as always. Please can you do an explanation of why
    OEMs (Samsung, Sony, HTC etc) only support their devices for 18-24 months
    because older phones like the Galaxy S2 and even the original Galaxy S
    amongst others are capable of running KitKat but Samsung won’t update the
    phones due to age. Thanks from Joe

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