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A guide giving you pointer on what features to look when buying an Android smart phone.

24 Responses to “How to select an Android phone”

  • Sanjeev Kulkarni says:

    Hello ranjit. help me choose a cell, M a noob when it comes to phone.
    My needs are 1> Prmarily,Read ebooks, so screen size and display quality does matter. 2> Good audio(M a musician and this thing is very much important to me)
    3>Camera and video recording can be a decent one, M not an amateur photographer.
    4>Decent video quality to watch movies, video songs etc. Budget is under 12k. what u think of HTC desire c?

  • DevanshVidsRock says:

    i am going to buy an HTC desire for 8K !!!!!!!…………got one used for 1 month and without much scratch or anything……will buy in 2-3 days…..

  • DevanshVidsRock says:

    buy xperia… has nice video recording (HD in some) and we all know that the sound quality of sony phones is the top class…also, some sony phones have the bravia engine whch provides very nice video clarity…..

  • DevanshVidsRock says:

    nice choice…but micromax phones look good earlier but after some time, they look old and do not work properly (battery issues)… go for either samsung, sony or htc….these companies are a lot trustworthy….

  • DevanshVidsRock says:

    go for htc one v blindly….

  • Kalyan C says:

    brother,, i wanna buy MMx canvash 2……is it good or go for other???
    plse help me to choose good smart phone

  • Vibhu Verma says:

    Hie ranjit !!! Your way of providing the details about phones are awesome !!! I wanted to ask .. I am confused between SONY XPERIA J, SONY XPERIA SOLA < SONY XPERIA NEO L !!! which one should i chosse ??

  • geekyranjit says:

    I did not test the Xperia NEO L so cannot comment between the Sola and J, I would suggest Xperia J again see my in-depth video for more info.

  • Vibhu Verma says:

    but sola is a dual core processor & has bravia technology !! & i compared the mobiles according to your video tests !! i found sola better !!

  • Vibhu Verma says:

    but sola is a dual core processor & has bravia technology !! & i compared the mobiles according to your video tests !! i found sola better !!

  • geekyranjit says:

    Problem with sola is after ICS update due to low free ram the phone tends to lag a lot and also the battery life is not that great, yes for gaming the sola is better but for everything else the xperia j wins again I did review both the phones so you can check them and decide which one is better for yourself.

  • Hemant Devarapalli says:

    what about xperia neo l?

  • maidenjump says:

    Hi Ranjit,

    Please suggest from below smartphones,
    Galaxy Grand,
    Micromax A116
    Spice Pinnacle?

    Im looking for better multitasking, better music playback and good web browsing?

  • Kapil Saini says:

    Hi ranjit someone selling Htc onex+ for 31.5k and just used for 1 n half month so you think that its a good deal?

  • 1998Dking says:

    if you want  better multitasking, better music playback and good web browsing then go with the one which has the best specs but remember that micromax and spice pinnacle won’t have a good support as Galaxy Grand which means mmx and spice may not get ota updates while the Grand will get.

  • qaz92 says:


  • nishant punjani says:

    plz tell me a good phone in the range of 10-15 and 15-20??

  • Aamir Naseer says:

    Hello ranjit can u help me?

  • sathyanath619 says:

    Update needed

  • Shawn Michaels says:

    ranjit please tell me the best phone i can get under 16 k reply fast

  • Sachin Kataria says:

    what you think about micromax a90s?i dont think i can get any better phone if compared to it…

  • siddesh N Siddu says:

    can u pls tell  me abt Huawei Ascend g600


    can anyone tell me does it have wifihotspot function
    plz reply me at —

  • omiesadvice says:

    Now, samsung galaxy young gt-s6312 is a dual sim, android 4.1 jelly os, 768 mb ram, 4gb intarnal memory, expand upto 64 gb, 1ghz procesor, 3 megapixel camera, 3.27 inches screen for near 8500 rs in india. Wht u think abt dis phone

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