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This is a video on How To Speed Up Android Phone or Tablet. Whether it be a Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel. Android Weekly…

25 Responses to “How to Speed Up Any Android Phone or Tablet”

  • mjbjrios says:

    bobs5050 that clock is from HD widgets. I hope Ricky doesn’t mind me
    answering for him but I ran into him in at the Best Buy mobile store where
    I live and noticed it on his phone. I later emailed him the same question.
    He turned me onto that app and it is super cool. It costs a 1.99 but it is
    worth it!.

  • SuperMegaBert199 says:

    Thanks! This helped a lot.

  • Romann Andrews says:

    truly awesome tips 

  • mikael stenman says:

    Do you know what “any” means? Any android phone? THERE IS NO ANY SETTINGS

  • pavithra sankaran says:

    i dont have te developer option .. nw wat do i do to increase speed and
    save battery life?????//////

  • Hassan Nassif says:

    How to change whatsapps icon like iphone

  • Loko Walman says:

    mrc 3like hbibna foort 1 tik mchawe ga3e thanks very much made algeria

  • GARY ABBOTT says:

    i am totally flummoxed as to how to set up and use my noria tablet. A tech
    told me it was connected to my computer, but the tablet says no connection,
    and the setup wizard says it can’t do it. any help,PLEASE?

  • gamerzzzcity says:

    very useful video

  • Marcio Christiano da Silva says:

    Thank You!

  • 1FASLAC says:

    dude….this helped , sooooooo much!! Thanks!

  • exwhyz33 says:

    Does simply having the Dev Options ‘enabled’ slow the phone down at all?

  • Amir Qamar says:

    To those who can’t find “Developer Options”:

    1) Go to “setting”..
    2) Go to the tab “General”.
    3) Go to “About phone”.
    4) Tap on “Build Number” 7 times.
    5) Now the developer has been enabled. Go to general tab and you will find
    “Developer options” there.

  • Antonio Osornio says:

    Thanks :-D 

  • sonydogman says:

    it does not run faster just the animation!.. which u don’t seam to


    Thanks alot

  • Evan obi says:

    I have a droid, and the task manager isnt like the one you have and if i
    look for that one it says “only for s3″ would that dramatically effect my
    phone just to clear the ram….?

  • Bernadette Pierce says:

    “If you see your app killer is constantly on at the top, that means you are
    too stupid to use a task killer and you should delete it right away..”

  • vengpkertje says:

    Can’t find the developer options on my s3 with the new android 4.3 -,-

  • Jimmy Phan says:

    The one thing i never really liked about Samsung is that i have a Tab 2 and
    i never understood why the only gave me 800 mb of ram. I’m constantly
    clearing ram everytime i want to play a game or do something while their
    phones have like 2 gb of ram.

  • Mike Sia says:

    makes my samsung note 2 run faster with Android 4.1 jellybean thanks

  • darlington quist says:

    Really makes my mega 5.8 runs faster….thanks guys

  • Izaah Cadey says:

    If I click clear memory does that means everything will be deleted? 

  • Skyler Highdive says:

    Can you give us a tutorial on best gaming mode for android please.

  • Akbar Amanov says:

    it acually works wow 

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