synthroid long term effects link to video for installous: if you enjoyed pls pls pls click on this link and sign up f…

25 Responses to “how to sync cracked games from pc to iphone/ipod touch/ipad NOT ITUNES”

  • aaron brown says:

    I figure most of the new version games will not work unless updated first. I tried downloading some games first and just dragging them from my download file into the apps section of itunes, and then draging the downloaded app in to mydevice section of itunes, and then I get the respone error. So im in the process of updating my ipod 4g to 5.1 then im going to see if they would work with out jailbraking. What do yous thing?

  • wijsheidsky says:

    legit or not ! :-)

  • Jerome Laurenz says:

    Thanks For Your Tutorial bro … but i like ur theme out there … i wonder if u can make tutorial too.. or just tell me what theme is that and if it is free or not … thanks

  • Roham Rahimi says:

    i got them from cydia and both free but i dont remember the names anymore as i have a galaxy s3 now :D

  • trizord2 says:

    i just wanted to know how to transfer already installed games from PC to iphone/ipad

  • jesycomb says:

    really nice guide i don’t mind the blurry video as long i understand you

  • basketbalistu says:

    Any ideea why mine keeps crashing when i copy an app from pc to iphone? It works just fine till it reaches 33-36% then it simply stops and the program shows not responding. PM me. Thanks

  • Kevin Putra says:

    YOU THE BEST. THANKS ALOT. 1000000000000000% WORKINGG

  • rez nobc says:

    do you need to have a jailbroken iphone ???

  • Harabare Damai says:

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  • stephanie may cabangon says:

    where can i download games?

  • khor hanxiang says:

    where is installous /.\

  • GamesThrow says:

    Dose This works no a not jailbroken ipad

  • DAZZLEDIV4 says:

    This is a good video but there is no more installous it has been taken off the cydia store

  • MeIsThe123 says:

    Ill give u thumbs up for actually telling us.. Can u make a video useing iphonecake thanks

  • MeIsThe123 says:

    Ohh sorry i mean app cake

  • valentin constantin says:

    thanks man i’ve been looking for this for weeks

  • ashraf ali says:

    very easy to use.veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy usefulllllllllllll

  • HARIBA TOKA says:

    does this still work ?

  • Roham Rahimi says:

    yes it still works

  • robis4991 says:

    from where can i get games??

  • lj caballero says:

    what if i dont have installous on my ohone 3gs……plzzzzzzz i need your answer no?

  • Pioneersubwoofeer says:

    i dont jailbreak my systems , so can you make a video on a jailed system?? plz

  • Benz Billy Caingles says:

    i find installous hard to download. i have downloaded a game in my pC, and i am trying to find a way how i can transfer it to my iphone3g ( without installous app). how am i going to succeed ? H E L P

  • joshua phillippe says:

    Fuck didnt work it keep saying api error in ipad

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