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The Original “How To Theme Your Android Phone Like a Boss” has been one of the most viewed themed videos on YouTube. The original theme can be seen here: htt…

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  • Jędrzej Kaczmarek says:

    Hi, I have a question. I dont wont to restore all super boss2, but the pure news widget i cool and i try to work with it. I did the first one (google reder), it was easy, bo the social one.. I dont know how to choose facebook or gmail. Can u halp?

  • MrLegend468 says:

    Can you make an IOS 7 theme? Your quite at making theming videos so I asked you. :) (Thumbs up so he can see if you guys also want an IOS 7 theme)

  • MrLegend468 says:

    Actually NOT IOS 7 Sorry, something LIKE IOS 7 :)

  • nksa13able says:

    أنا اكره uccw لأنه لايعطي المعلومات الصحيحه فمثلا الساعه 10,8 هو يظهرها 10 اتمنى اصلاحه من قبل المطورين
    شكرا لك Armando Ferreira
    أنت انسان رائع

  • Ben Abston says:

    Just use Ice Cream Sandwhich

  • Brandon Merchant says:

    I installed the Mega Boss theme on my Droid Razr Maxx HD. Everything is working great, but the wallpaper doesn’t quite line up with the widget placement on the 1st and 3rd screens. Some widgets will line up ok but others won’t, For instance the AIX weather App overlaps the orange “weather graph” image.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank’s For all your help, I am new to theming and it is not as intimidating as I thought it would be thanks to you!

  • Razor Liew says:

    Hey Armando, please make a video comparison on the Galaxy S4 with Stock Android vs Nexus 4. Would love to see the difference.

  • androaide says:

    can you please do a separate video a bout ut ?

  • familiezoettl says:

    U r epic:-) I have subscribed

  • LimitlessFallout says:

    I don’t get it, how do I get the backup?

  • daniel Johnson says:

    what phone is that

  • Robert Rebaja says:

    always be my idol

  • lesorax123 says:

    Now, will it work on the HTC Butterfly S?

  • cs09812 says:

    Of course.

    I really think that the butterfly s spec wise it is what the htc one should of been in the beginning.

  • j800r says:

    Shame that pretty much every app required to recreate this theme costs money and as themes are hardly ever kept permanently it seems a potential waste. :|

    i was already to get cracking with this, saw the icon pack cost a little. was less than £1 so no biggy, then all the pure apps around £3 a piece start to add up. :( Shame. I really wanted to go ahead with trying this out.

  • Kreutzi97 says:

    what are the apps youre using on your homescreens? i mean the apps on the top

  • mrcancan18 says:

    if you want to know what apps he’s using at the top just long press on the app tap edit and the name of the app will come up….like so everyone will see

  • AndroidDude5 says:

    Hey, can you make a how to theme your android like a boss (tablet) I put this theme on my phone… my tab is plain :(

  • Scott Dick says:

    Definitely do a UCCW tutorial. Such a powerful tool that few know how to use! LIKE SO HE SEES THIS!

  • martinmest says:

    no wheater?

  • Fikri Zuhron says:

    i already try this, but my phone isn’t a high end device , just have 777mb ram available . :(
    this uses a lot of ram , but i like this view :D

  • ahmadmzak says:

    Feels like I have a new phone :) Thanks!

  • DerpintonGames says:

    what phone manufacturer that you using on this vid?? is it LG??

  • Mate Marić says:

    Oppo Find 5 :)

  • Minecraft8117 says:

    I love your themes :D

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