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Many thanks to Colorfulvisuals for inspiring this amazing theme. Here is his original (Dark Pie UI Revisited) – You can follow my themes …

25 Responses to “How to Theme your Android Phone like a Mega Boss”

  • Juan Martinez says:

    What about the lockscreen

  • Marcus Yong says:

    does this theme use alot of battery?

  • Arjun Malhotra says:

    Im using s4…i copied everything and still im not getting the restore file
    What should i do ?

  • Tbeeb S says:

    Hey man when I did your “super boss” theme it worked perfectly but the mega boss files don’t show up on my minimilastic text app and UCCW app? :/ any solutions? Btw amazing videos keep it up!

  • origamianimal says:

    hope this works

  • origamianimal says:

    do u have to use nova?

  • conductive13 says:

    Looks SO much like that guy who used to know Micheal Jackson… Sorry dude!

    Cool stuff though ;)

  • conductive13 says:

    It does annoy me that Android keeps its files in a fairly messy way. Maybe not as bad as, say, Windows but its still not pretty for the first-time user. Thankfully I’m a long time PC user but it confuses my Mother! ;) ..
    I wonder if Android 5.* when it comes round. With some standard folders for basic users to add content to device etc and a full file manager for the rest of us.
    There are some great ideas out there.

  • Tbeeb S says:

    Hey man everything is working BUT the live wallpaper thing? Any solutions?

  • CoolVideos546 says:

    I liked super boss better

  • aCiiDKiD says:

    Faved for if i ever need it later

  • stanley viper says:

    so how can i get the wallpapers on the left and right side ?????

  • Josh B says:

    Alot of what was done here looks like what I did myself. Mulitipicture wallpaper and stuff. I just didn’t use minimalistic text and uccw. The basics of it is all the same and i don’t even know how to make themes. I wanted 3 wallpapers. One for driving, home, and media. When you touch the word driving it goes to the driving screen with all the apps and so on. Also already using cyanogenmod 10 for android 4.2.2. I did this on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy s2. Good Video though and I know what uccw is now.

  • origamianimal says:

    the wallapaper is absolutely HUGE. i mean, i cant even get the full wheel bit on my main screen

  • origamianimal says:

    you sir, are a mega boss

  • origamianimal says:

    minimalistic text thing whenever i press the widget goes to the ACTUAL WIDGET settings and when i press the icon it goes to the proper men but i cant find restore

  • KulucaMac1 says:

    Now 92

  • cheezo545 says:

    man nothing works on nexus 4 from what you said, evrything changed

  • Pablo Elizondo says:

    WHat!? Everything is working on the Nexus 4, Im using this theme and it works

  • Brandon Curran says:

    the download isnt there anymore for the wallpaper

  • cheezo545 says:

    it’s not working out for me, the wallpaper is too big and the text doesn’t change in widgets and the weather widget doesn’t fit in place

  • Mario Anastasia says:

    For the loockscreen?? what did you use?

  • 02matt70 says:

    Why oh why are you using a touchwiz style theme on a nexus device?

  • Avery Navas says:

    Gracias Armando, un gran trabajo de tu parte y un excelente resultado, voy a probar un poco antes de compartir mis combinaciones!

    Saludos desde Honduras!

  • Kostas Gkostas says:

    No, I’m sorry there are more, haha!! Android Rocks!!!

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