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Does being the best matter? WSJ Personal Technology columnist Joanna Stern tells the tale of HTC and its newest flagship phone. Subscribe to the WSJ channel …

25 Responses to “HTC One (M8) Review: Best Android Phone Gets Better”

  • Silver Back says:

    lmao……HTC IS KING

  • CYCLEGAMER says:

    This is what I was looking for, an honest review.

  • JobbiJabbers says:

    Clearly she’s a Apple fan girl ! 

  • Raja Sims says:

    That’s One cool review …. ;) 

  • ComBkKD says:

    You’re forgetting that HTC is known for creating highly customizable
    interfaces whereas Samsung dumbs theirs down considerably. That’s what won
    the war. Ease of a bumbphone with the price tag of a smartphone… Smh

  • seenyour34 says:

    I agree with her about the screen size, I wish they had kept it at 4.7″, I
    use a phone right now that has a 4″ screen, and have held the original HTC
    One and think anywhere between 4″-4.7″ is the sweet spot for a screen/phone

  • Jaco XCIV says:

    It is water resistant! 

  • Noble George says:

    All New HTC One reviewed for iSheep’s and Scamsuckerz!

  • Dylan Huyghebaert says:

    Htc all the way baby

  • Amad Uddin says:

    I like the 1st one this one looks like shit.

  • 1EXTreMAR says:

    Best? Naah, Z2 is this year’s winner.

  • mrWhiskerssss says:

    Give it to me

  • Gunny Hunny says:

    She has annoying vocal fry

  • Bryce C says:

    It’s actually very water resistant! There is a video where someone kept the
    device in the water for over an hour and the device operated fine after
    wiping off the screen. I guess they just didn’t advertise this. I’m sure
    that the unibody construction of this phone helped with that.

  • alex41masterchief says:

    Why did they waste screen space with on screen buttons? I don’t like how
    there is just a black bar with the HTC logo on it under the screen, that is
    probably the only bad thing about this phone for me.

  • Marc Philippe says:

    great review thanks! 

  • Eugen Németh says:

    nice chick

  • Salman Salmanz says:

    Wish if it was smaller tho 5.1 is too big for human hand :( I dont kno …

    Damn apple if only they remove itune the world would be a happier place 

  • isinox says:

    bad review is bad

  • Mokhtar Mouhib says:

    This reviewer htc paid her for suuure, firstly she said powerfull camera..
    All other videos said the camera is just like the old htc with new
    features.. Z2 and lg g3 blow away this ugly brick phone

  • moto ina says:


  • Jordan McCabe says:

    No the height of the phone isn’t because of the boom sound speakers its
    because of that black bar on the bottom. Why is it there? Why can’t it just
    be the two speakers too and bottom with nothing else… Every other phone
    manufacturer can make small bezels… why not HTC?

  • sal-man AL-godyah says:

    watch this video
    search in you tube
    All New HTC One (M8) Water Test – Water Resistant?

    you will thank me ;D

  • Rexi Cola says:

    Funny review :) 

  • Joey Pokorny says:

    Love it

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