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13 Responses to “HTC One M8 Review – the best Android phone for now”

  • mobileburn says:
  • Dillz says:

    I see you listen to Jhene Aiko, my fav singer ever!!!! and my future boo

  • Brett Dickstein says:

    By the time I get a 4K display, I would probably be half way through my
    next upgrade. This phone is perfect for me

  • Kevin Verdesca says:

    Just to let you know, you have a spot of dirt on your camera lens

  • Данило Мартиновић says:

    Lol xD no, it’s not best at all.

  • Turkboyz20 says:

    Got mine Friday 

  • stancold said so says:

    The phn yer talking about (S5) releases on the 11th of april at Verizon
    along with the M8 . Ida considered the M8 anything smaller than my Note2 I
    dont want . I just got the Note3 on April 4th . Htc had me with the ReZound
    and also lost me with the ReZounds terrible battery life and sluggishness .
    On my ReZound I killed 3 full batteries a night at work . With my note 2
    doing the exact same things and more ive never 1ce killed the 1 battery in
    my note2 . Samsung make the best Android devices period in my opinion .

  • guru prasad says:

    Andrew ! Your review probably is the best yet on the device ! Well done !
    Even though I like the M8, I think i’ve probably the best android device
    till now. The Nexus 5 :) 

  • tyre536 says:

    No its not the best smartphone at all

  • Mr99RICH99 says:

    How is it better than the HTC max 

  • Invincible Don1 says:

    You guys are always late when it comes to reviewing tech lol

  • Seth ClaiBorne says:

    he never talks about call quality :-/ 

  • Frank D Merfalen says:

    I’m extremely happy with my HTC One M8! Enough said!

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