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iAP Cracker is a tweak in Cydia that lets you get iApp purchases for free. I know some people don’t like hacking games or cheating but I know some people so …

25 Responses to “iAP Cracker – Hack games on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2, the new iPad 3 [HD]”

  • scoobydoo2655 says:

    leaves game in doesnot work !

  • Habibi Musik says:

    /watch?v=CGkDcuVmojQ a way to hack all games!!!

  • Arya Golshani says:

    mine crashes everytime

  • duy zoro says:

    dosent work for ios 6+
    add this source
    then install the only porgram
    goto setting find localiapstore
    click in it then enable it it should work for most app
    if! it dosent click the buy bunt then click cancle

  • Leo Ferreira says:

    test iapfree

  • narcosuper says:

    Hey guys if iap cracker dosent work try this you got to have the source ihaksrepo then surch ir iapfree good luck

  • StrayDog15 says:

    I have a iPhone 4S ios 6.1.2 and this works great. Thank you…

  • jutimanlol says:

    Does it work on clash of clans?

  • jasontherich101 says:

    Mother fucker dosent work on clash of clans plus alredy had IAP cacker

  • Anvy Vu says:

    It is a sever thats why

  • ertus306 says:

    How i can i download

  • MaRzMellowMagiC says:

    Clash of clans hack… things needed. jailbroken idevice. imodgame cydia.imodgame.(net/). open imodgame and click any game you want to hack, enable it. to get mod points, open account Scroll down to Say thanks to inviter.Fill in this ID: 91303

  • Mustafa Alsid says:


  • Arsh Sran says:

    guys if you want amazon$25,itunes$25,playstation3,xbox360 bundle,ipad4 and many more giftcards then follow these steps
    1.go to app store and search checkpoints
    2.after downloading open checkpoints the top right hand side click on the settings icon on my account and sign up bonus code section type arshrider15 and register will get 100 points as reward
    7.after redeeming some credits you can earn a giftcard or gadget of your choice

  • Musti Altun says:

    dump idiot its an online game you homo

  • Musti Altun says:

    He is so right

  • Gulnavaz Wali says:

    download imodgame and Add id : 163553 and u get 100 real points

  • DanCun4 says:

    I just searched IAP cracker on the App Store and no result popped up

  • tolga37Kastamonu says:

    It’s not on the appstore .
    You need cydia

  • MoHameed AbdulRhman says:

    Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings …
    Today obligatory you explain Hecr the High Noon
    First: add Alsors the this: / the
    Second: Download the program into Alsors imodgame
    Thirdly: Backlinks record of Ashan becomes you a special iD
    Fourth: landed on the word Link device until the activation
    Fifth: press to say thank Guest figure this 215 829 Ashan give you 500 points
    Sixth: the spirit on Hi-known … Or any game WWDC Thecrha and do same imodgame program
    Thank you .

  • kenshin47x says:

    jailbreak idevice, download “iAP Cracker” , works for most games (that has in-app purchases)… other way to hack is using app “iFile” and go to:  var/mobile/Applications, select your game app, go to Library, go to Preferences, look for [yourcompany.plist] (something like that)

  • Elka Kurmakhadov says:

    GUYS, GO TO MY CHANNEL AND GO TO THE VIDEO ” How to hack games on iOS”, it is 100% working hack, just watch, like,comment and subscribe

  • Jordan Carty says:

    TO GET 100000 MOD POINTS PUT ID:88070

  • Emad Hikmat Zuraiqat says:

    Dose not work : it crashes

  • Mehonny Johnny says:

    Not any games guys use gameplayer or igameguardian! But this to not for any games :(

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