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iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak (Get Cydia) ▻ In this video, I will be showing you guys how to use your PS4′s DualShock…

25 Responses to “iOS 7: Use PS4 DualShock 4 or DS3 to Play Games – iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Controllers for All”

  • AppleTechSpot says:
  • RumbleApple says:

    You should make App Store app reviews.

  • Chizman117 says:

    Can you do one with the Xbox one controller

  • Nikash Tekkem says:

    That…is awesome great vid

  • Silo Tilt says:

    I need this. Are you able to get it free with that way to get tweaks for

  • juan sanchez says:

    Can u do it with Xbox one control ??!!!!!

  • Jason G says:

    Play games on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using your Dual shock 3 or 4

  • shazab chaudhry says:

    Does this work on iOS 6

  • RumbleApple says:

    :( the ps3 controller is a lot more harder

  • Kyle Morris says:

    Can you please share your iPhone wallpaper please


  • Zakies says:

    Does the tweak support modern combat 4?

  • Simon Mol says:

    It says checkong bluetooth but it does nothing and it says if it takes to
    long use BTstack in preferences. I’m using dualshock 4

    Help ? 

  • Alex Edström says:

    I only have a xbox controller 

  • Dario Dias says:

    GTA SA works good in this control???

  • Mohammed Tashkandi says:

    Could you please put the games that work with a ps4 controller 

  • Lukas Games says:

    On dualshock 3 it works different

  • semah rekaia says:

    Tanks you is cool tweak

  • GSHDFTW says:

    Do a tutorial for a PS3 controller?

  • matthew naron says:

    There’s no app for non jailbroken ios?

  • Max Martinez says:

    Will the xbox 360 controller be supported in the future. ?

  • Mahmood Hassan says:

    If I Use BiteYourApple will I get this tweak for free?

  • kewlboi16 says:

    Please reply fast!! How do u disconnect ur ps4 controller i wanna play it
    using my ps4 now and i dont know how to disconnect it from my iphone

  • Kevin Pittman says:

    Do a video and let us no what all games it will work on please. Thanks in

  • MoustachedAlienator1 says:

    Also guys if you need help to connect your PS3 controller (I believe ATS
    doesn’t have a PS3) just send the email to yourself, download the six axis
    program, connect your ps3 and ios device to the computer, open the program
    from your start menu,(take a picture of the default ID just in case cause
    you can only connect to your ios device when you do this, so you can change
    it back to this later on of you want to play on ps3) update the ID thing of
    your ps3 to your Ios device’s Bluetooth ID, find this in
    settings<general<about<bluetooth and type in this into the update ID (I
    think it's called the ID on the program, well there is only one text box so
    put it in there),then click update and you can disconnect. Make sure to
    have BTstack, you can go to sources then settings (top left on ipad) and
    change your "who are you" to developer. You can't search for btstack in
    user, so download btstack and then u can switch back to user. If you don't,
    regular bluetooth asks for a pass code which I don't know (0000 doesn't
    work) but just turn on btstack and if you press the ps button, he bluetooth
    symbol on the top right should start blinking, also have controllersforall
    enabled, then go to a game and it will ask for you to press the ps button.
    I have windows so I can't help Mac users out there. Hope his helps everyone
    with a ps3 and ATS so he doesn't have to go and get a ps3 controller to
    show how you do it with that.

  • Perryisthebest20 says:

    There should be a non-jailbroken version of this.

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